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  1. Neen // New York Branding Photographer

    27 Sep 2021

    Word of mouth really is where it’s all about!! I got connected with Neen because of another keynote speaker I work with who I had connected with from another client! It’s freaking rad when people love your work and working with you, they tell their friends about you! I’m so…

  2. Sarah // New York City Branding Photographer

    20 Sep 2021

  3. Kindra // New York Brand Photographer

    16 Sep 2021

  4. Neen // Tampa Branding Photographer

    17 Jan 2021

    Neen moved to Tampa and invited me to come down! She has quite a few speaker friends, but quite a few who also live in Tampa. She connected me with some of her friends, so I was able to come down for 3-4 days. I stayed with her for most…

  5. Lynn Mooney // Los Angeles Branding Photographer

    09 Nov 2020

    Lynn and I met from a mutual friend. She was in need of updated branding photos and wanted something fun, colorful with a spot to work/get some shots on a laptop. Abbot Kinney and the Venice canals made sense because there’s such a variety of options with a few coffee…

  6. Genevieve // Venice Beach, CA

    08 Sep 2020

    Gotta love taking photos of your friends in cute outfits! I met up with Genny before a wedding and we shot around Venice Beach. She rocked the perfect transition to fall looks, which 100% make sense in sunny Southern California. I mean… it was probably 75 degrees when we shot…

  7. Conz // New York Soul Cycle Instructor

    08 Jul 2020

    CONZZZZ! Man you gotta love Conor - everyone who knows anything about Soul Cycle knows and loves Conor. He’s SO fun and I love working with him! He had posted on Instagram about needing a photographer and at the same time, I just so happened to DM him about shooting.…

  8. Sylvie // Paris Branding Photographer

    16 Mar 2020

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