The Blog: Real Raw Moments

  1. Solo // New York Commercial Photographer

    31 Oct 2021
    I had a blast shooting Solo’s mid year shoot! Normally when I shoot for them it’s a single collection, but their mid year shoot featured a few collections including Nomad and Varsity. Enjoy!

  2. Brooke: New York Brand Photographer

    21 Oct 2021
    Brooke and I met through the wonderful Natalie Workman. We instantly clicked and loved working together. I was stoked when Brooke reached out for her own branding session. We met up in Battery Park and shot around the area as well as some shots at her workspace. Then we headed…

  3. Conor: Greenwich, CT Branding Photographer

    18 Oct 2021
    I headed out to Greenwich, CT for a shoot with my friend Conor. We did some shots at SoulCycle and around the streets. After, we headed to Studio Greenwich for a few shots in their studio as well.

  4. Betsi // Laguna Beach Portrait Photographer

    14 Oct 2021
    Oooh ooh another Laguna session, but this time with my friend Betsi! She was here from New York checking out apartments (now she lives in LA!) and wanted to get some photos taken. We met up in Laguna and had a killer shoot at one of my favorite beaches. Enjoy! …

  5. Core Reform // Newport Beach Branding Photographer

    11 Oct 2021
    My friend Jessie was doing social media for Core Reform and asked if I would help out with the photos. I love Pilates, so I was so ready for this! We met up for a class with some of her friends & had such a blast! Enjoy!

  6. Ryan // Newport Beach Portrait Photographer

    07 Oct 2021
    Ryan was in need of some updated headshots and thanks to his brother, we were able to make that happen! His brother had followed me on Instagram, so when Ryan started looking for photos, he gave him my info. We had a shoot scheduled for the next week or so…

  7. Mandy // Greenwich Fitness Photographer

    04 Oct 2021
    Thanks to Conor, I met Mandy who is a freaking fireball! She is legit the most fit person I’ve ever met with the most energy. She and I always have a blast shooting together whether it’s in the city on random streets in Soho or in Greenwich in studio. Check…

  8. Madison // New York Test Photographer

    30 Sep 2021
    It was so good catching up with Madison when she and I were both in town! She needed a refresh on photos and came ready to kill it!! She is SO FUN and moves so well. We wandered around near her hotel & found some cool spots to shoot at.…

  9. Samsonite // Southern California Commercial Photographer

    27 Sep 2021
    Oooh ooh so fun shooting for Samsonite with my friends Hillary and Sean! Samsonite sent a full luggage setup to shoot around Orange County. They primarily wanted photos focusing on the products with a variety of backgrounds. Let me tell you - these suitcases are SO LIGHTWEIGHT and spacious!! They’re…

  10. Neen // New York Branding Photographer

    27 Sep 2021
    Word of mouth really is where it’s all about!! I got connected with Neen because of another keynote speaker I work with who I had connected with from another client! It’s freaking rad when people love your work and working with you, they tell their friends about you! I’m so…

  11. Conor // New York Lifestyle Photographer

    23 Sep 2021

  12. Sarah // New York City Branding Photographer

    20 Sep 2021

  13. Kindra // New York Brand Photographer

    16 Sep 2021

  14. Dougie Joseph // New York Test Photographer

    13 Sep 2021
    This shoot was a long, long, LONG time coming!! Dougie and I talked for so long about making a shoot happen and somehow it never worked even when we would wind up in the same city. FINALLY, we were able to link up for a quick session in Soho (thanks…

  15. Heather // Dana Point Headshot Photographer

    08 Sep 2021
    When I was with Brandon and Natalie, they introduced me to Heather and wound up booking headshots for her! We shot at the Ritz Carlton Laguna Niguel as well in Brandon and Natalie’s room, which wound up awesome - look at that natural light!! It was such a dream! We…

  16. Brandon + Natalie: Ritz Laguna Niguel

    25 Mar 2021
    I love love love working with Brandon and Natalie, especially when they’re only 10 minutes from my house! They were at the Ritz Laguna Niguel for a conference Brandon was speaking at, so I met Natalie to do some photos in their room, a few shots of Brandon speaking, and…

  17. Michael // Newport Beach Portrait Photographer

    24 Feb 2021

  18. Conor // New York Lifestyle Photographer

    17 Feb 2021
    I had another awesome shoot with Conor! We met up at the studio and walked around Soho. I’ll let the photos do the talking here. Enjoy!

  19. Lani // Orange County Blog Photographer

    15 Feb 2021

  20. Trevor // Los Angeles Portrait Photographer

    09 Feb 2021
    It was so fun working with Trevor! I’ve followed him on Instagram for a while, so I was stoked when he wanted to do a shoot. I went up to Sherman Oaks and we shot at his friends apartment as well as around the area. He wound up using one…

  21. Maggie // Los Angeles Headshot Photographer

    08 Feb 2021
    Successful headshot session with Maggie! I mean look at her! She’s literally stunning and her hair is all sorts of goals!! I loved working with her! Enjoy!

  22. Jason + Nala

    04 Feb 2021
    Jason and I have been friends for years, so when he asked me to photograph him, I was stoked. I was even more excited when he told me the shoot would be with his dog Nala. If you know me well, you know I’m a huge dog lover, especially rescues.…

  23. NY&Co // Southern California Brand Photographer

    01 Feb 2021
    I had so much fun working with NY&Co on this shoot. If you know me well, you know I spend a lot of time in New York, so it was nice to bring a piece of New York to CA. I worked with a few of my friends on this…

  24. Rose // Melrose Place Blog Photographer

    29 Jan 2021

  25. Tyler // New York Portrait Photographer

    25 Jan 2021
    I’ll say it forever… Laguna kids in New York City. It took the two of us going to NYC to actually connect & man it was a great shoot! Tyler is so cool and easy to work with. We linked up at his apartment and wandered around the city with…

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