The Blog: Real Raw Moments

  1. Sonny // Two Management

    Date 06 Jan 2016
    It’s always good to reunite with my dude Sonny, especially when he’s covered in all sorts of new tattoos. Exactly a year later, we shot at the exact same location, same vibes and everything. The only difference is the number of tattoos he has. I absolutely love this guy &…

  2. Travel Itch!!

    Date 06 Jan 2016
    I’ve got that travel itch again! I absolutely loved living in New York, but I’m a true California girl – meaning I don’t do cold. BUT that’s not without having lived in a place where you get all of the seasons: Massachusetts. I would get so excited for snow…

  3. Feel Beautiful in Your Own Skin

    Date 05 Jan 2016
    One of my absolute favorite things in life is watching my clients see themselves after they go through hair and makeup. Sometimes I get to watch them feel beautiful for the very first time. I LOVE being a part of something so wonderful. Regardless of the amount of makeup on…

  4. Online Dating Profile Update?

    Date 04 Jan 2016
    More and more clients are coming t0 me because they are in need of photos for their online dating profile and I’m 100% for it. Let’s be real for a second… We are all on Tinder or Bumble… Or at least have been at some point. Online dating is continually growing. There…

  5. 366 Days Worth of Adventure

    Date 02 Jan 2016
    2016 is going to be an adventure! But isn’t every year? With the start of every year, we are all so excited because the old is gone, the new has come. We can set new goals and regardless of how different they are, they are all an adventure. We start…

  6. 2015: That’s A Wrap!

    Date 28 Dec 2015
    Long Beach, California (Mitchell Wick c/o Next LA) 2015 is quickly coming to an end! What a whirlwind of a journey. It feels just like yesterday I was writing my end of the year blog for 2014 and prepping for 2015. Here I am prepping for 2016! Can you believe…

  7. How to Stay Relevant in an Oversaturated Industry

    Date 18 Dec 2015
    If you’re not friends with me on Facebook, you may have missed this post earlier today, so I really wanted to reiterate this idea & the way it relates to relevance. The secret to having it all is already knowing you do. This idea can be taken many ways, but…

  8. Shayan // Bella Agency NY

    Date 17 Dec 2015
    Model + Stylist: Shayan ℅ Bella New York Photographer: Kara Nixon Shot in West Village, New York I had the pleasure of working with Shayan while I was in New York. He came with some killer outfits and absolutely killed it in front of the camera. Enjoy the photos we…

  9. David // Q Models NY

    Date 07 Dec 2015
    Model: David ℅ Q Models NY Photographer: Kara Nixon I LOVE this guy! I remember first meeting him at Q and I thought he was absolutely gorgeous… I mean come on! I knew i needed him in my book and it definitely helped that he was one of the kindest…

  10. A Newmark Beach Day

    Date 05 Dec 2015
    Models: Ashleigh + Ivy ℅ Newmark Models Makeup: Aliana Moss Jewelry: LeBrisa Designs Photographer + Styling: Kara Nixon Newmark ladies always was rock and this beach day with Asheligh + Ivy was no exception. We had a blast hanging out in Orange County. We started off at my house where…

  11. Chanel + Matt // Two Management

    Date 03 Dec 2015
    Models: Chanel + Matt ℅ Two Management Photographer: Kara Nixon Aussie mates are THE BEST! I always love opportunities where I get to meet and work with Aussies, so I was pumped to work with Chanel and Matt. We met up in Culver City and shot some sweeeeet *Aussie exaggeration* images!…

  12. Kaylie + Stefan

    Date 28 Nov 2015
    I’m so excited for these two! They’re getting married in 18 days!!!

  13. Dylan // Chosen LA

    Date 28 Nov 2015
    Model: Dylan ℅ Chosen LA and Wilhelmina NY Grooming: Crystal Golden Photographer: Kara Nixon Dylan and I first met in New York while I was there last year. I had really hoped to work with him in New York, but unfortunately the day I needed him, he booked a job.…

  14. David // DNA

    Date 26 Nov 2015
    Model: David ℅ DNA Models New York Photographer: Kara Nixon (Shot in Soho New York) I had the pleasure of working with some new agencies while in New York and DNA was one of them. My good friend Mike over at Vision constantly sends updates of who is in town,…

  15. The Bates in New York City

    Date 25 Nov 2015
    I’ve had the pleasure of taking the Bates’ family photos for the past couple years. I grew up with Danny and Marissa, so of course I was excited when Mrs. Bates first asked me to take some photos. Flash forward a couple years and here we all are in New…

  16. Zachariah // Request

    Date 23 Nov 2015
    Model: Zachariah ℅ Request Photographer: Kara Nixon Shot in Central Park, New York I had the pleasure of working with Zach in New York. He first contacted me after he discovered my work and seemed eager to set up a test shoot. We talked back and forth for a few weeks…

  17. Milla // Q Management NY

    Date 23 Nov 2015
    Model: Milla ℅ Q Management NYC Photographer: Kara Nixon Milla and I first met at Q when I went in for a Go See. We instantly clicked and I knew I wanted to shoot with her. I honestly wanted to shoot with almost every model I met with, but I…

  18. Kelsey + Matt

    Date 21 Nov 2015
    It’s safe to say I’m back in California AND these two are married! I mean what? Can’t believe these two are married. Unfortunately, I missed out on their special day, but I figured now was a good time to release their engagement photos. Kels and I have been friends for a…

  19. Alex + Clara //

    Date 21 Nov 2015
    Models: Alex ℅ One Management + Clara ℅ IMG Photographer: Kara Nixon (Shot in Lower Eastside, NY) Best friends and Barbie girls.

  20. Creative Feature: Kyle Corea

    Date 13 Nov 2015
    Meet videographer and photographer-in-the-making, Kyle Corea of Brooklyn, New York. I had a pleasure of meeting Kyle when I first moved to New York. We chatted on Facebook for a bit and then met up for sushi. It’s all about connections in this industry, so make sure to use all…

  21. CJ + Marissa

    Date 07 Nov 2015
    Models: CJ ℅ Wilhelmina & Marissa ℅ Major Photographer: Kara Nixon I had the pleasure of teaming up with CJ while I was in New York. He and I originally met in Miami about 6 months earlier, so it was great to find him in another city. We planned a…

  22. Hannah // Red

    Date 30 Oct 2015
    Model: Hannah ℅ Red Makeup: Guerline Photographer: Kara Nixon I had the pleasure of working with Hannah while I was cat-sitting for my friends Kelley and Devin. They were cool enough to allow me to shoot in their apartment. As you can probably tell, I did a lot of shoots…

  23. Blaire + Ryland // Q Models

    Date 17 Oct 2015
    Models: Blaire + Ryland ℅ Q Model Management NY Photographer: Kara Nixon Shot in Brooklyn, NY I had the pleasure of teaming up with Blaire and Ryland for a young skater editorial. I first met them at Q Model Management and I knew instantly I wanted to work with both…

  24. Pink Make ‘Em Wink

    Date 12 Oct 2015
    Model: Diego Barrueco ℅ Two Management Stylist: Brandon Win Photographer: Kara Nixon All right, all right ladies and gents… The moment you’ve been waiting for. THE BLOG POST of Diego Barrueco. If you haven’t seen why it took me so long to post this… Make sure you check out Caleo…

  25. Ashlen // Q Models

    Date 10 Oct 2015
    Ashlen ℅ Q Models Photographer: Kara Nixon Looks include brands such as Zara and Nasty Gal. I had the pleasure of working with Ashlen. I met with her at Q and loved her. She was beyond sweet and just so fun! It turned out we also have a lot of…

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