The Blog: Real Raw Moments

  1. Tyler // New York Portrait Photographer

    25 Jan 2021
    I’ll say it forever… Laguna kids in New York City. It took the two of us going to NYC to actually connect & man it was a great shoot! Tyler is so cool and easy to work with. We linked up at his apartment and wandered around the city with…

  2. Mr Rutherford // New York Brand Photographer

    21 Jan 2021
    Another day exploring the city with Mr Rutherford. We met up for our usual coffee and snapped some photos while walking around/catching up. These outfits are awesome and I’m so pumped to share this series. Enjoy!

  3. Solo New York: Downtown Travel Collection

    18 Jan 2021
    I absolutely loved this shoot with Solo! I got to work with my friend Brandyn who I hadn’t seen in years. We also got to work with Shane and Julia who were amazingly rad and killed it on this shoot. We shot in Pasadena and downtown LA. Enjoy!

  4. Neen // Tampa Branding Photographer

    17 Jan 2021
    Neen moved to Tampa and invited me to come down! She has quite a few speaker friends, but quite a few who also live in Tampa. She connected me with some of her friends, so I was able to come down for 3-4 days. I stayed with her for most…

  5. Austin + Justin: Mavrick Agency

    11 Jan 2021
    Austin and Justin drove down to Newport Beach for this fun shoot! I had a blast working with them and showing them some of my favorite spots in Newport Beach. Enjoy!

  6. Alexandra // Los Angeles Headshot Photographer

    14 Dec 2020
    I hosted a headshot day at FD Photo Studios and had the pleasure of working with Alexandra! She did a variety of looks that would appeal to the types of clients she works with and jobs she does. Enjoy!

  7. Eric Rutherford for Lab Series

    13 Dec 2020
    Eric Rutherford: Christmas Edition! As you probably know, I love working with Eric. We worked together for the first time nearly 6 years ago and I’ve had the pleasure of working with him ever since. I felt so honored when he asked me to shoot this series for the Lab…

  8. Cat // Palm Springs Brand Photographer

    07 Dec 2020
    While traveling, consider hiring a photographer. Not that much traveling is happening currently, but when it is… hire someone to take photos. Cat and I met on a trip to New York for NYFW. She hired me for a shoot during Fashion Week and we stayed in touch. When she…

  9. Brandon // IT Model Management

    01 Dec 2020

  10. Mandy: Greenwich Fitness Photographer

    29 Nov 2020
    Word of mouth is by far the best way to work with new people. Shout out to Conor for introducing me to Mandy. I’ve loved working with her the past couple of years, especially at the studio she works at in Greenwich. I shot with Conor earlier in the day…

  11. Rose // Downtown LA Blog Photographer

    14 Nov 2020

  12. Kaja: New York Event Photographer

    12 Nov 2020
    Kaja hosted a fun event at Pietro in Soho, NY. They brought in all of their makeup with really rad set ups for attendees to try. I’ll let the photos do the talking here. Enjoy!

  13. Lynn Mooney // Los Angeles Branding Photographer

    09 Nov 2020
    Lynn and I met from a mutual friend. She was in need of updated branding photos and wanted something fun, colorful with a spot to work/get some shots on a laptop. Abbot Kinney and the Venice canals made sense because there’s such a variety of options with a few coffee…

  14. Annie // Orange County Senior Portrait Photographer

    02 Nov 2020
    Annie’s brother and my brother went to school together. Our moms were really close and planned their high school graduated together (charter school). The following year, Annie graduated and of course our moms chatted back and forth about senior photos. We decided to meet up at one of my favorite…

  15. Alex // Wilhelmina LA

    28 Oct 2020
    Alex and I met up in Long Beach for a quick shoot. Derek Beckman styled this shoot and kept the energy up for all of us. He was cheering us on, playing music, and just making this an all around fun shoot. Alex kills it in front of the camera…

  16. Kindra Hall: New York Branding Photographer

    22 Oct 2020
    Every time I’m in New York, Kindra and I make sure to get some updated photos for her social media. She lives so close to Central Park, which makes it easy to get shots around her apartment, neighborhood, and Central Park in a couple of hours. Pro tip: choose a…

  17. Megan // Laguna Beach Blog Photographer

    15 Oct 2020
    Megan and I met up in Laguna at Main Beach to shoot a few of her outfits. This is one of those easy spots where you have access to the beach, downtown Laguna, and all the cute little hotels right off the beach. Enjoy!

  18. Solo New York: Varsity Collection

    12 Oct 2020
    I always have such a good time shooting for Solo. This collection was especially fun because it has such a sporty vibe to it. We shot this collection all over New York from Central Park to West Village to Chelsea. Enjoy!

  19. Kristen + Seth // Beverly Hills Portrait Photographer

    08 Oct 2020
    Aaaahhhh these two! Kristen and Seth! Now these are two people I could never get tired of photographing. I LOVE spending time with them because it’s always a BLAST! We hit Rodeo Dr and spent the whole day laughing. Enjoy!

  20. Genevieve // Venice Beach, CA

    08 Sep 2020
    Gotta love taking photos of your friends in cute outfits! I met up with Genny before a wedding and we shot around Venice Beach. She rocked the perfect transition to fall looks, which 100% make sense in sunny Southern California. I mean… it was probably 75 degrees when we shot…

  21. Alma de Ace // Orange County Brand Photographer

    24 Aug 2020
    Brandon and I met up to shoot for Alma de Ace, a UK streetwear brand. We hit some local spots in Dana Point and San Clemente to showcase the pieces they sent. Enjoy.

  22. Omneity // Venice + Malibu Brand Shoot

    10 Aug 2020
    I worked with my friend Philip to produce some awesome images for his brand, Omneity. We started in Venice and made our way up to Malibu where we found some really rad spots to shoot! Enjoy!

  23. Damian // LA Models Test Shoot

    27 Jul 2020
    Gotta love when models are down to shoot in OC! Damian came down for the day and I showed him around Newport + CDM! We hit some of my favorite spots and he killed it on this shoot! Enjoyyy!

  24. 15 Minutes With: Conrad // New York

    22 Jul 2020
    The 15 Minute Series was honestly an accident. It started when I shot with Arthur Kulkov a few years ago. He only had 15 minutes to spare, which was all I needed. Arthur and I shot again this year, which re-sparked the idea of how much you can create with…

  25. Jake // Greenpoint Test Shoot

    13 Jul 2020
    Jake and I met up in Greenpoint for a quick shoot. We grabbed a coffee at Maman then wandered around Brooklyn. He brought some rad outfits and we found some cool spots to match! Enjoy!

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