The Blog: Real Raw Moments

  1. Exploring London with the boys

    15 Nov 2019
    It’s wild running into friends across the world. I first learned about Kevin and Richy when I was in New York for men’s fashion week. There were so many cool people everywhere, but Kevin and Richy 100% stood out because they had classic, clean style, but were covered in tattoos.…

  2. Danielle // Nevs Model in London, UK

    01 Nov 2019
    Danielle and I met at a park in London for a quick little shoot. She was so fun to shoot and hang with! My friend Alishia joined us with her dog and we made sure he got into some shots at the end. Enjoy!

  3. Rodney // Laguna Beach Portrait Photographer

    18 Oct 2019
    Rodney is one of the smartest people in business and in life that I know. I always enjoy lunch dates with him because he challenges me and gives me the check up from the neck up I need. I’m always excited to update him on life and business. So of…

  4. Marvin + Mr Rutherford // London Bloggers

    04 Oct 2019
    Two of my absolute favorite people in one photo! Mr Rutherford and I happened to be in London at the same time. The day before, I met Marvin while our mutual friends Kevin and Richy were visiting. Marvin instantly became a close friend. It was like we had known each…

  5. Shai // Los Angeles Portrait Photographer

    20 Sep 2019

  6. Reed // Next Models in San Clemente, CA

    06 Sep 2019
    Eating In N Out with Reed in San Clemente - shoots don’t get better than this!! Reed hit Salvation Army and grabbed some clothes so we could have a blast hanging out in San Clemente! Enjoy!

  7. Dannay // Los Angeles Headshot Photographer

    23 Aug 2019
    My friend Morgan’s girlfriend Dannay needed headshots, so naturally he thought of me (thanks dude!). We met up in West Hollywood and shot around Melrose Place. Morgan hung out and played number one cheerleader. It was a blast hanging with them. Enjoy!

  8. Stephen // New York Photographer

    14 Aug 2019

  9. Marty // LA Models

    09 Aug 2019

  10. John // Soho Men’s Fashion Blogger

    08 Jul 2019
    Wandering around soho with John in a tux! Such a fun day and I’m so excited he’s officially in NY. Even though we both travel a ton, we always wind up finding time to grab coffee and shoot. Enjoy!

  11. Andrew // Wilhelmina New York

    04 Jul 2019
    Oooh ooh Andrew Shaw! We finally made a shoot happen. This was a LONG time coming for sure. He had just moved to New York and I was on another short trip to the city. We met up at Ace Hotel, grabbed a coffee and shot around the area. He’s…

  12. Caila // New York Blogger

    19 Jun 2019
    I’m so thankful for friends like Lauren Listor who send clients my way when she’s booked. It was fashion week, she was booked like crazy and had a last minute inquiry come in from Caila from the Bachelor. The next evening, Caila and I were shooting at the Refinery hotel.…

  13. Barbara // Beverly Hills Fashion Photographer

    14 Jun 2019
    Oooh this shoot with Barbara was FIIIIRE! She was visiting from Mexico and reached out via Instagram to set up a shoot. We quickly became friends on our shoot in Beverly Hills. We grabbed coffee and laughed our way through the shoot. Enjoy!

  14. Conor // New York Soul Cycle Instructor

    04 Jun 2019
    Shout out to shoots with Conor! Can’t believe our first shoot was almost 2 years ago! It’s crazy to think we met so long ago and I’m just getting around to posting these. This was one of my favorite shoots and one of these shots wound up being my screensaver…

  15. Patrick // New York, NY

    25 May 2019
    Soho always seems to be my go to shoot location because there are so many options. This shoot with Patrick was nothing short of awesome, even with the cold weather. We hit Gasoline Alley for coffee then wandered around the area to some of my favorite spots. Enjoy!!

  16. Brian // Soho Blogger

    21 May 2019
    Okay, totally obsessed with Brian aka SinktheSun! It feels like we’ve been friends forever and we just vibe so well! We shot a variety of looks in a half hour, which was AWESOME! We still managed to get some great images in such a short time. Enjoy!

  17. Giovanna // West Village, NYC

    21 May 2019
    Remember to write something here!

  18. Colin Owens

    15 May 2019
    Colin is one of my favorite people to work with. No matter how many times we’ve worked together, we always manage to get some unique and rad. We met up for lunch at Sweetgreen then shot around the area. We were going for something similar to what Rene Grincourt does…

  19. Reece // Oxford Circus, London

    02 May 2019
    London Calling… I mean I LOVE London, it’s as simple as that. I’ve photographed some of the coolest people and had some of the best experiences in London. It’s a wonderful place to get lost and enjoy yourself. My friend Reece and I met up on my last evening in…

  20. Lauren // Bella New York

    23 Apr 2019
    I had a blast working with Lauren when I was in New York. She met me in Lower East Side where I was staying. We wandered around a bit looking for some spots, but wound up shooting a majority at my Airbnb + the rooftop. Enjoy!

  21. Vadim // Two Management

    18 Apr 2019
    I loved working with Vadim. I had seen his photos floating around Instagram for a while, so I was stoked to finally get to work with him. He’s got awesome style and kills it with the facial expressions and model moods. We met up in Venice/Santa Monica and shot a…

  22. Arthur K // New York, NY

    18 Apr 2019
    Think back to 10 years ago… where were you? What had you done? What were you dying to do? Well for me, I was just starting photography, but it wasn’t until 2 years later that I found my niche in male model photography. At this point, I knew who all…

  23. Melinda // West Hollywood Blog Photographer

    16 Apr 2019

  24. JW Marriott Renaissance Indian Wells

    11 Apr 2019
    I had the pleasure of shooting some social media content for JW Marriott during Coachella and festival season. My friends Colin and Nikko joined to help out with photos as well as a couple girls we met at the pool. It was pretty dang hot and super crowded, but we…

  25. Gentleman Warfare // Arts District LA

    18 Mar 2019
    It’s always such a pleasure working with Gentleman Warfare. I was so stoked to get to work with them again, especially since Ilan requested Sam again. We all had a blast goofing off, making jokes and having a great time shooting in the Arts District. Enjoy some of my favorites…

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