The Blog: Real Raw Moments

  1. Alex // Brand Models

    Date 21 Dec 2017
    BFF coming in hot with the booty on fleeek! So so funny - I started laughing and he kept asking what was so funny… Well I totally caught myself staring at his butt. He said he had been working on his legs and butt, so he took it as a…

  2. Daniel // Factor Chosen Chicago

    Date 17 Dec 2017
    It’s always a pleasure working with Daniel! We first met in New York nearly two years ago, so it was amazing to reconnect with him while I was in Chicago. The day we shot, it was beyond cold and so windy, so we shot one look then grabbed lunch then…

  3. Anthony // LA Arts District

    Date 16 Dec 2017
    I was so stoked when Anthony reached out about shooting, but I was even more stoked when I met him and he was one of the coolest people I’ve worked with. He was easy to get along with, so fun to work with and totally had the model look. Since…

  4. Kasia // Newport Beach Blogger

    Date 12 Dec 2017
    I absolutely love meeting bloggers who live near me! Kasia is in Newport Beach, which is only about 20 minutes or so from me (depending on traffic of course). We met up at Fashion Island to do some shots of her killer look! She was so fun and easy to…

  5. Steve // Ford Models Chicago

    Date 04 Dec 2017
    Chicago is full of handsome dudes, especially handsome model dudes. I contacted Ford about doing some shoots during my free time in Chicago and I was surprised to receive a package of 25 guys. Steve was one of the top guys I wanted to work with and he was so…

  6. Mr Rutherford // West Village, NY

    Date 02 Dec 2017
    Days with Mr Rutherford are some of my absolute favorite days. This time we met at Blue Bottle in Chelsea to grab coffee + catch up, then of course we had to wander around and shoot. We made our way down toward West Village and found this great street! Enjoy! …

  7. Summer // O Models

    Date 01 Dec 2017
    It was such a blast working with Summer in her neighborhood! We shot in her neighbor’s backyard then headed to Larchmont for some fun lifestyle images filled with eating ice cream and drinking Lemonade. So fun!! Enjoy!

  8. Noah // Wilhelmina New York

    Date 26 Nov 2017
    It’s always a blast working with Noah! I was so stoked our schedules lined up a couple of times while I was in New York. We had the chance to grab coffee, shoot and even workout together! It was obviously snowing the day we shot, so I was basically frozen,…

  9. Nelson // Malibu

    Date 24 Nov 2017
    Another fun shoot with Nelson in the books! I love return clients like Nelson, especially when every shoot is so unique. Our first shoot was in New York followed by a shoot on the Irvine Hills with his sister. The last one was in his neighborhood at sunset. This time we…

  10. Karah // Laguna Blogger

    Date 22 Nov 2017
    I love working with Karah! We met up at golden hour at Laguna Niguel Regional Park. We usually have to meet early in the morning before she goes to work, but thankfully we got that golden light for once! Enjoy!

  11. Quincy // Two Management

    Date 19 Nov 2017
    I was so stoked when Britt set up this shoot and I got to shoot with Quincy in one of my favorite locations, Venice Beach. We met up near Blue Bottle and wandered around the area. He was such a blast to work with and so fun to be around.…

  12. Stock Photo Update

    Date 27 Oct 2017
    The best part about working with Flashstock/Shutterstock is the clients I’m able to work with. I had the pleasure of working with CHI, Six.02, Esquire and Revlon recently. The tough part is constantly finding models because CHI is selling hair products as is Revlon, so you can’t really have the…

  13. Boom // Stars SF

    Date 27 Oct 2017
    Such a fun day hanging with Boom! We met at popular coffeeshop The Mill, grabbed coffee then wandered around the area. I was staying in Duboce Triangle on this trip, so we hung around that area, which I absolutely loved!! Definitely will always stay in Duboce Triangle! Enjoy!

  14. Cody // Scout SF

    Date 27 Oct 2017
    I absolutely enjoyed spending the day with Cody! He’s super sweet and really wonderful to be around. We explored downtown for some cool locations. Since I’m not from SF, I’m always lacking in locations, but thankfully he knew a good area. He also knows all the good spots to hit…

  15. Chasing Kendall // SF Blogger

    Date 27 Oct 2017
    Kendall Chase better known Chasing Kendall is a rad blogger from SF! I was so stoked to finally work with her. She’s got killer style and is all around awesome to be around. We met up around the Castro and found some great spots to shoot. Enjoy!

  16. C+R // Point Dume Malibu

    Date 04 Oct 2017
    Chris, Rene and I headed out to Malibu for a killer shoot at Point Dume! I’ve worked with them separately, so it was a blast to work with them together. Rene actually referred Chris to me when Chris was on the search for a photographer. So fun to get these…

  17. Gregory // LA Models

    Date 30 Sep 2017
    Gregory Zarian! What a handsome and rad dude! I had no idea what to expect when I met him. I knew he was friends with Eric Rutherford so he had to be cool, but man he was super cool. It only took us a year to actually shoot and we…

  18. Haley // Bella Los Angeles

    Date 20 Sep 2017
    It was so fun working with Haley again! She is so sweet and so fun! Following traditions - we had to deal with a tiny bit of rain at the beginning, we grabbed some sweets (cupcakes this time) and we ate poke! We met up along Larchmont and spent the…

  19. Chris + Colin // Melrose Ave

    Date 13 Sep 2017
    Such a great crew! Chris and Colin have been friends forever, so I was beyond stoked to finally be able to photograph them together. Chris and I first shot in Laguna and have stayed in contact to shoot here and there then he introduced me to his girlfriend Max and…

  20. E Rutherford // IMG New York

    Date 11 Sep 2017
    Oh I love a day with Eric Rutherford. We met for tacos and were met by a windstorm when we left Chelsea Market. We still wanted to shoot, so we made it work on the Highline. Enjoy!

  21. Isaiah // Joe and the Juice

    Date 01 Sep 2017
    For those of you who know me or follow along with my life - I absolutely love Joe and the Juice! It’s sooo dang good! Well because I go so often, I’ve had the pleasure of meeting some rad people who work there including Isaiah! We set up a shoot…

  22. LA Blogger: Valeria

    Date 31 Aug 2017
    Valeria has been to LA a few times, but she’s usually so busy, we’re never able to get together. I was so stoked to finally hang out with her and explore Beverly Hills with her. If you’re looking for rad style and beauty tips, follow her youtube channel. Enjoy what…

  23. Venice Beach Boys Day

    Date 19 Aug 2017
    Every day is a good day for a boys beach day when you live in California and the weather is nice all year round! Can you believe it’s still 80 degrees and it’s fall?! So hot these guys had to hit the beach and of course I was there to…

  24. Gabe // Laguna Beach Blogger

    Date 15 Aug 2017
    Finally reunited with Gabe! I can’t believe it took us 3 years! He’s lived in LA for a while now, but it’s nothing like when he lived in south beach. I was at his apartment every single day. We always hung out, but now in California I’ve seen him ONCE!…

  25. Eastcoastfox + Bloglovin’

    Date 04 Jul 2017
    Eastcoastfox aka Amanda and I had the opportunity to work together when she was invited to a Bloglovin’ and Home Away event. Home Away and Bloglovin’ invited us into this rad home in lower east side where we were able to shoot as much as we wanted! Check it out…

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