Mentor Sessions!

So you're thinking about a mentor session?

First off YES! You are stoked. I am stoked. We are going to have fun! I'm a big fan of coffee shops, exploring, lots of laughter & taking photos, so get ready for a little bit of all of that

If you are in California, we will meet at your favorite coffee shop or lemonade stand, whatever you are into! You can show me around your area or I can show you around some of the areas I enjoy shooting. 

Now don't fret if you aren't in California! There's this awesome invention called Skype! We can meet via Skype with our coffee, tea or lemonade and get straight to work! Another option is to have me fly out to where you live **travel + lodging fees may apply.

Take a look at the sessions available below and don't be afraid to build your own! You can book all sessions by emailing

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Let's Keep It Simple

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Photography/Camera how-to 

Branding: know your client 

Pricing & packages 

Shooting the real, raw moments 


Post production 

Social Media

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One Last Thing

Mentor Session Cost


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