The Blog: Real Raw Moments

  1. Caina Summer // Scout SF

    2016-12-24 00:33:11 UTC
    Caina is SO cute! She met me at my friend’s place in the Presidio and we shot around the house since it was freeeeezing outside! We really channeled those fall cozy vibes! Of course we included Hud the dog, too! Enjoy!  

  2. The Style Riot

    2016-12-17 22:35:07 UTC
    I had such a blast catching up with Katie aka the Style Riot. She is awesome! We met up at the spectrum for Tender Greens and then did a quick little shoot!  

  3. Ally + Kendall: Girls Day

    2016-12-14 19:15:06 UTC
    Who doesn’t love a girls’ day?! I met up with Ally and Kendall in Long Beach. We started off with a quick snap at a favorite: Berlin Bistro, then we wandered around Long Beach and found some sweet spots. Check it out and enjoy!  

  4. Jason // Wilhelmina New York

    2016-12-04 23:51:54 UTC
    I love days when I get to spend the day running around New York with my best friends taking photos. My best friend Jason who I met exactly a year ago – I’m so thankful to him for stepping up for this shoot. I needed someone to rock these jeans…

  5. Allison // One.1 Management

    2016-12-02 00:07:42 UTC

  6. Boom //Stars SF

    2016-12-01 04:48:00 UTC
    It’s always great to reunite with Boom Nuanual! We met up in SF while I was there and a had blast exploring Dolores Park and the Japanese Tea Garden. Enjoy!!

  7. Lexi B // Newmark Models

    2016-11-30 01:32:03 UTC
    Okay first things first.. I absolutely love this girl! Let me tell you a crazy little story… I was her camp counselor 7 years before this shoot! I was so stoked when I got an email from Newmark asking me to shoot their new face Lexi B. I knew she…

  8. Egard Watch Co

    2016-11-20 06:38:48 UTC
    I had a blast working with Egard Watch Co and two of my model friends, Mitchell + Ricky in Santa Monica. Check out these awesome watches HERE!  

  9. Blogger: Tessa to a T

    2016-11-19 05:52:20 UTC
    Now let me introduce you to another one of the bloggers I work with regularly: Tessa or better known as Tessa to a T. She is awesome! I absolutely love every single shoot with her. From exploring to running into random hot dudes in the gym to laughing our heads…

  10. Blogger: Tessa Salazar

    2016-11-18 06:54:00 UTC
    Here are a few more recent photos with Tessa to a T! She’s such a blast. I’m also happy to announce we’ll be heading to NYC together December 5-15! 

  11. Blogger: Karah

    2016-11-14 04:16:36 UTC
    Let me introduce to you Karah, one of the bloggers I regularly work with. She is a blast! Craziest thing is we met 10 years ago and then got reconnected when she was looking for a photographer for her blog. I love working with her because she is super sweet…

  12. Late Night Revival

    2016-11-13 06:34:11 UTC
    Riverside band Late Night Revival are a killer group of dudes! I was stoked when Neil emailed me about setting up a shoot. Max had suggested me, which was so awesome! Word of mouth is the greatest marketing tool! I’m looking forward to working with them again next month! Enjoy…

  13. Georgia + Gil // Two Management

    2016-11-06 19:12:47 UTC
    These two are GORGEOUS! Venice made the perfect backdrop for a shoot with these two. I’ll let the photos do the talking. Enjoy! 

  14. Bellgray

    2016-11-02 02:22:32 UTC
    AH such a blast working with Bellgray while they were in town. We wandered around downtown LA and Bel Air. Enjoy! 

  15. Blogger: Jeff Young

    2016-10-05 22:07:09 UTC
    Meet Jeff Young! Not one of my regular bloggers, but an awesome dude all around. We did a test shoot last summer and since then he’s gotten more and more into blogging. It’s cool to see your friends succeed. I needed to shoot some product for and he was…

  16. Braeden // Soul Artist Management

    2016-10-03 02:01:00 UTC
    I had the pleasure of working with the handsome Braeden Wright of Soul while I was in New York. We met up at one of my favorite coffeeshops in Soho, Ground Support. We grabbed some tea and chatted for at least 30 minutes before starting to actually shoot. It was…

  17. Eric Rutherford // Q Models

    2016-09-26 02:29:00 UTC
    It is always a pleasure catching up with Eric Rutherford, especially when we are both in New York! We met at Westville for lunch (my favorite spot!) and after we ate I mentioned I wanted to take a photo for Instagram. We wound up doing a mini shoot right there…

  18. Bryce // Dragonfly Dallas

    2016-09-21 02:30:09 UTC
    Bryce of Dragonfly Dallas drove all the way from Houston just to shoot with me and Sally Atkinson! Talk about a rad dude who is so humble, kind and all American. I had a blast working with him and then getting tacos after - obviously!! Enjoy the shots! 

  19. Patrick // Ford Models Chicago

    2016-08-31 02:45:57 UTC
    Patrick is the coolest! I loved running around Lincoln Park with him. He’s a killer model and an all around awesome human being. He had me cracking up the entire day and we wound up spending at least half of the day together. Layanna also killed it on grooming.  

  20. LBY

    2016-08-23 17:45:08 UTC
    I was beyond stoked when Paul contacted me about band promos. We met up for coffee at Starbucks to chat about ideas and then a few days later, we all met in LA. It only made sense to wander around the Arts District. Make sure to check them out on…

  21. Josh Cuthbert // Two Management

    2016-08-17 23:26:26 UTC
    Boy bands mean lots and lots of groupies! Hanging with Josh Cuthbert took me back to my Warped Tour days and the day I photographed Diego – talk about the groupies!! It’s so fun. Josh was a blast to work with. 

  22. Headshots: Krystal

    2016-08-09 23:08:35 UTC
    Krystal recently contacted me about headshots. She didn’t want “basic white backdrop” headshots. She wanted something different; something that shows who she is. We met up at a park in Orange County and got some great photos! Enjoy! 

  23. Cameron Davis

    2016-08-01 21:15:12 UTC
    I had a blast catching up with Cameron. We wandered around the arts district and shot some cool looks, grabbed coffee and caught up. Talk about a solid day!! Enjoy the photos! 

  24. Annette // Modelogic Chicago

    2016-07-25 02:54:50 UTC
    I absolutely loved working with Annette of Modelogic. A major shoutout to Louie Abellera for setting this shoot up when it seemed like everyone else in Chicago was bailing on me. 

  25. Ema // Vision Los Angeles

    2016-07-20 23:10:54 UTC
    Ema is so badass!! This was the coolest, most artsy shoot yet. She makes everything look so so cool – just wait, you’ll see. From shadows to wearing a leather jacket as a dress, she was AWESOME. Check out the sweet photos!! 

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