The Blog: Real Raw Moments

  1. Eva // IMG

    22 Jul 2015
    Photographed in Brooklyn, New York. Model: Eva ℅ IMG Photographer: Kara Nixon Okay, I’m kind of sort of really obsessed with Eva. First off, she is one of the kindest of souls. She is such a joy to be around. I just love her. We shot a bunch of amazing…

  2. Zac

    19 Jul 2015
    Model: Zac Photographer: Kara Nixon Zac and I have been trying to shoot for quite sometime, so I was stoked to make it happen this time around! We met up, grabbed coffee for me & a beer for him at the Blind Barber where you get the best of both…

  3. Aleksei // LA Models

    19 Jul 2015
    Model: Aleksei ℅ LA Models Photographer: Kara Nixon I had the pleasure of teaming up with Aleksei on one of my last days in California. He had contacted me via Instagram about shooting, but we both had busy schedules. He signed with LA Models a little while after and of…

  4. Brad // New York Models

    08 Jul 2015
    Model: Brad ℅ New York Models Photographer + Stylist: Kara Nixon I had the pleasure of teaming up with the handsome Brad of New York Models. We first became friends on Facebook either when I was in Miami or around the time I was heading to New York. Either way,…

  5. Alexis // Red NYC

    07 Jul 2015
    Model: Alexis ℅ Red  Photographer: Kara Nixon Alexis… I had the pleasure of teaming up with this awesome French guy in New York. He was my first official shoot in NY and I could not have been more excited about it because I nearly missed him. We met up midday…

  6. Alex // One.1

    06 Jul 2015
    Model: Alex ℅ One.1 Management Makeup: Sarah Lombardo Photographer: Kara Nixon I had the pleasure of working with Alex of One.1 and I was beyond excited. Early on, her agent let me know she was fairly busy and wouldn’t be as readily available as some of the other models. Sarah…

  7. Mitchell // Next Miami

    06 Jul 2015
    Model: Mitchell ℅ Next Miami/LA, Chadwick AU Photographer + Stylist: Kara Nixon A VERY VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my Aussie bum Mitchell. This is one of my best Aussie mates. I love him to death and I’m glad I can celebrate the day he was born. He cracks me up…

  8. Alexa for Veux Magazine

    28 Jun 2015
    Model: Alexa Photographer: Kara Nixon Alexa and I randomly decided to head to Joshua Tree since parks were free for the weekend. We shot a sweet little “Coachella Searchin’” story since everyone was at Coachella except. We never found Coachella ;) Alexa did makeup and styled the entire shoot. We…

  9. Sean // IMG NY

    25 Jun 2015
    Model: Sean ℅ IMG New York Photographer: Kara Nixon Styling: combined efforts of Kara and Sean  I am beyond stoked to be back in New York. Almost a month in and I have a month to go unless plans change. I am excited to be working with IMG this time…

  10. Ash + Ty

    14 Jun 2015
    Models: Ashley + bf Tyler ℅ Elite Miami Makeup: Magali Rachel Photographer: Kara Nixon So I originally had the pleasure of working with Tyler when he was still signed with Two Management in California. THEN I came across his gorgeous girlfriend Ashley and had to shoot with her. SO we…

  11. Miami Flashback {Willy Ladies}

    08 Jun 2015

  12. Miami Flashback {Elite Ladies}

    06 Jun 2015
    Models: Jessica, Sabrina + Mani ℅ Elite Miami Makeup: Madeline Rouge Photographer: Kara Nixon I had the pleasure of working with these gorgeous girls while I was in Miami. Mani showed up with a million and one outfit choices so we went to town shooting a variety of looks. We…

  13. Miami Flashback {Anna Carla}

    04 Jun 2015
    Model: Anna Carla ℅ Wilhelmina Miami Makeup: Nichelle Photographer: Kara Nixon I was really looking forward to shooting with Anna after I saw her portfolio. Then Becca Lane told me she had roomed with her and I needed to work with her, so I was even more stoked. THEN Anna…

  14. Leslie {Orange County Portrait}

    03 Jun 2015
    My lovely friend, former coworker and now client Leslie and I met up in San Juan for a quick portrait session. Leslie and I worked together at In-N-Out and have known each other for a while now. She would always compliment me on my photos, which I loved because comments…

  15. Jesse // Osbrink Models

    01 Jun 2015
    Model: Jesse ℅ Osbrink Stylist + Photographer: Kara Nixon Jesse and I have been talking about shooting for a while. We ran into each other randomly in Venice Beach and I kept apologizing for taking so long to get back to him. Fast forward a couple months and we still…

  16. Cameron // LA Models

    01 Jun 2015
    Model: Cameron ℅ LA Models Grooming: Magali Rachel Photographer: Kara Nixon I had the pleasure of working with Cameron before I headed to New York. He just got back into modeling and this was one of his firsts back at it. He absolutely killed it and he was so fun…

  17. Justin // MP Mega

    01 Jun 2015
    Model: Justin ℅ MP Mega Miami Grooming: Jeremy Kaikala Photographer: Kara Nixon Now this isn’t a Miami flashback. Justin and I met in California actually via Instagram. I liked a few photos, he liked a few of my photos, I followed him, he followed me back, I DMed him and…

  18. Maxine // Two Management

    31 May 2015
    Model: Maxine ℅ Two Management Makeup: Rachel Ohana Hair: Magali Rachel Photographer: Kara Nixon I had the pleasure of working with Maxine at Studio blkgld. It was a day full of lots of models, but I wouldn’t let Maxine slip through the cracks. I had a lot of ideas for…

  19. Gabe Witmer // CGM

    30 May 2015
    Model: Gabe ℅ CGM Photographer: Kara Nixon All right, all right, I said plenty about Gabe in my last post, so to keep it short and sweet… We created magic. I love this series we put together.

  20. Miami Flashback {Gabe + Taylor}

    30 May 2015
    Models: Gabe + Taylor ℅ CGM Makeup: Nichelle Photographer: Kara Nixon I was FINALLY able to shoot with THE GABE WITMER while I was in Miami. I had seen his photos everywhere since I basically started photography. Most of my friends had worked with him and I was dying to…

  21. Miami Flashback {Christopher + Taylor}

    30 May 2015
    Models: Christopher + Taylor ℅ CGM Makeup: Madeline Rouge Photographer: Kara Nixon I was able to shoot with these two while I was in Miami. They are both really awesome and I can’t wait to see Chris in New York in a few days. Enjoy the photos!

  22. Rodney {Agoura Hills}

    30 May 2015
    Model: Rodney Photographer: Kara Nixon On the way out to Malibu, I passed through Agoura Hills and realized I was pretty close to where Rodney lived. I reached out to him real quick and he asked me to stop by, but unfortunately we were already past Agoura. After a beach…

  23. Aaron + Raylane {Studio blkgld.}

    29 May 2015
    Models: Aaron ℅ Wilhelmina + Raylane ℅ Two Management Makeup: Magali Rachel + Rachel Ohana Photographer: Kara Nixon I had the pleasure of shooting these two, together and separate. I rented out Studio blkgld for the day and shot 10 models or so. We had a blast messing around with…

  24. Aaron // Wilhelmina LA

    29 May 2015
    Model: Aaron ℅ Wilhelmina LA Photographer: Kara Nixon Yet another downtown LA moment. I had the pleasure of working with Aaron of Wilhelmina. It took a little while to schedule it, but we made it work. We shot a variety of looks, had some good laughs, met some people and…

  25. Cole

    29 May 2015
    Model: Cole Photographer: Kara Nixon I had the pleasure of meeting up with Cole in downtown LA. We had a quick shoot including denim, baseball t’s and a skateboard… Of course. Classics. Did I mention he drove all the way from Santa Barbara?! Well, good thing we wound up with…

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