Kane // Wilhelmina NY

Model: Kane ℅ Wilhelmina New York

Photographer: Kara Nixon

Shot in Chinatown, New York

I had the pleasure of FINALLY teaming up with Kane in New York City. He and I first started talking via Instagram after I kept seeing him and he kept seeing my work. After multiple failed attempts at shooting, we were able to meet up in Chinatown, but not before I actually first met him in person… I was sitting in a meeting with an agent and in the middle of it, I just happen to see Kane walking up, so of course I had to get up and say hi. So crazy how you can be in the biggest city yet still wind up seeing someone you know. But back to the shoot… This was somewhat spur of the moment. I had wanted to shoot, but he seemed more interested in working out, so I assumed we weren’t shooting. Next thing I know he’s texting me telling me to meet at a park in Chinatown to shoot some fitness content. Well… Here it is! Enjoy!

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