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  1. Maxine // Two Management

    2015-05-31 06:37:00 UTC
    Model: Maxine ℅ Two Management Makeup: Rachel Ohana Hair: Magali Rachel Photographer: Kara Nixon I had the pleasure of working with Maxine at Studio blkgld. It was a day full of lots of models, but I wouldn’t let Maxine slip through the cracks. I had a lot of ideas for…

  2. Gabe Witmer // CGM

    2015-05-30 17:09:00 UTC
    Model: Gabe ℅ CGM Photographer: Kara Nixon All right, all right, I said plenty about Gabe in my last post, so to keep it short and sweet… We created magic. I love this series we put together.

  3. Miami Flashback {Gabe + Taylor}

    2015-05-30 16:52:00 UTC
    Models: Gabe + Taylor ℅ CGM Makeup: Nichelle Photographer: Kara Nixon I was FINALLY able to shoot with THE GABE WITMER while I was in Miami. I had seen his photos everywhere since I basically started photography. Most of my friends had worked with him and I was dying to…

  4. Miami Flashback {Christopher + Taylor}

    2015-05-30 08:03:00 UTC
    Models: Christopher + Taylor ℅ CGM Makeup: Madeline Rouge Photographer: Kara Nixon I was able to shoot with these two while I was in Miami. They are both really awesome and I can’t wait to see Chris in New York in a few days. Enjoy the photos!

  5. Rodney {Agoura Hills}

    2015-05-30 07:17:38 UTC
    Model: Rodney Photographer: Kara Nixon On the way out to Malibu, I passed through Agoura Hills and realized I was pretty close to where Rodney lived. I reached out to him real quick and he asked me to stop by, but unfortunately we were already past Agoura. After a beach…

  6. Aaron + Raylane {Studio blkgld.}

    2015-05-29 19:39:00 UTC
    Models: Aaron ℅ Wilhelmina + Raylane ℅ Two Management Makeup: Magali Rachel + Rachel Ohana Photographer: Kara Nixon I had the pleasure of shooting these two, together and separate. I rented out Studio blkgld for the day and shot 10 models or so. We had a blast messing around with…

  7. Aaron // Wilhelmina LA

    2015-05-29 17:05:00 UTC
    Model: Aaron ℅ Wilhelmina LA Photographer: Kara Nixon Yet another downtown LA moment. I had the pleasure of working with Aaron of Wilhelmina. It took a little while to schedule it, but we made it work. We shot a variety of looks, had some good laughs, met some people and…

  8. Cole

    2015-05-29 07:33:00 UTC
    Model: Cole Photographer: Kara Nixon I had the pleasure of meeting up with Cole in downtown LA. We had a quick shoot including denim, baseball t’s and a skateboard… Of course. Classics. Did I mention he drove all the way from Santa Barbara?! Well, good thing we wound up with…

  9. Cami + Nasaya

    2015-05-28 06:56:00 UTC
    Models: Cami + Nasaya Makeup: Whitney Gregory Hair: Sarah  Photographer: Kara Nixon Styling: Combined efforts of everyone involved featuring items from Forever21, H&M, Urban Outfitters and Classe Life I had a blast creating these images with these lovely ladies. It was somewhat different than what I typically shoot.. A lot…

  10. Ashley {New Face}

    2015-05-20 17:20:00 UTC
    Model: Ashley Makeup: Magali Rachel Photographer + Stylist: Kara Nixon Ashley is one awesome gal! I loved her so much, I wound up working with her two weeks in a row. Our first series together was on the beach featuring looks from Roxy, Brixton, Free People, Mikoh, Ruckus, and more.…

  11. Nick // LA Models

    2015-05-16 06:48:00 UTC
    Model: Nick ℅ LA Models Grooming: Magali Rachel Stylist + Photographer: Kara Nixon I was really looking forward to this shoot with Nick. I had a vision (preppy + sporty) and was ready to go. Nick is from London and is just so fun to be around. He had Mags…

  12. Jen // Next LA

    2015-05-11 06:54:00 UTC
    Model: Jen ℅ Next Los Angeles Makeup: Magali Rachel Photographer: Kara Nixon I had the pleasure of working with the Aubrey Plaza lookalike a few weeks back. She’s not only a gorgeous and talented model, but also a fantastic stylist and blogger. Be sure to scope her blog after viewing…

  13. Ismini // Next LA

    2015-05-09 16:54:25 UTC
    Model: Ismini ℅ Next Los Angeles Makeup: Rachel Ohana Photographer: Kara Nixon Ismini and I had one thing on our mind when we shot this… Coachella. It was the Thursday before everyone headed off to Coachella weekend one. We grabbed some cool Coachella vibin looks and went to work. It…

  14. Britt + Mitch

    2015-05-08 19:54:00 UTC
    Models: Mitchell ℅ Next LA + Miami featuring Britt Makeup: Noel Carlsen Photographer + Stylist: Kara Nixon Mitchell is one of my best Aussie mates. I absolutely love working with him because the entire day is full of laughter, Aussie jokes and sayings, lots of abs, and just good life…

  15. Heidi + Matt

    2015-05-07 18:54:21 UTC
    Models: Heidi ℅ Next LA + Matt Makeup: Magali Rachel Photographer & Stylist: Kara Nixon Heidi + Matt are so fun to be around. They have a lot of energy (Matt especially). They ran around, jumped off things, skated, slipped on skateboards, stuck out their tongues and other wild things.…

  16. Jenny // Next LA

    2015-05-07 07:31:47 UTC
    Model: Jenny ℅ Next Los Angeles Makeup: Magali Rachel Photographer: Kara Nixon Jenny is one of the sweetest girls I have met. She was truly a pleasure to be around. We were laughing, talking about life and enjoying the moments. Be sure to check out her blog

  17. Colin Owens in Laguna

    2015-05-05 19:05:05 UTC
    Model: Colin Owens ℅ Vision LA, No Ties SD, LA Models Runway & Next Miami Photographer: Kara Nixon Brands featured: JCrew, Scotch and Soda, American Apparel, Diesel, Rag & Bone, Quiksilver, AG Jeans, Hotline and Ben Sherman I always love shooting with my dear friend Colin. This time around he…

  18. Aidan // Vision LA

    2015-04-28 03:37:31 UTC
    Model: Aidan ℅ Vision Los Angeles Photographer: Kara Nixon I had the pleasure of catching up with Aidan a few weeks back in Pasadena. We wandered around, drank coffee & tea, and talked about life & the industry. All in all, a solid day. Enjoy the series we created together.

  19. Felix // LA Models

    2015-04-27 05:33:57 UTC
    F E L I X  Talk about one of the coolest, most down to earth people. I was running about a half hour later to this shoot and I was so worried Felix was sitting there waiting for me. Traffic was literally awful and the clock kept ticking closer to…

  20. Brandi // Newmark Models

    2015-04-23 06:54:00 UTC
    Brandi and I met up for a quick shoot in Crystal’s backyard and around Orange. I have wanted to work with Brandi for a little while now because I am good friends with one of her best friends, Hunter and he always had such good things to say about her.…

  21. Jacob // Wilhelmina LA

    2015-04-16 03:19:00 UTC
    Model: Jacob ℅ Wilhelmina LA Photographer & Stylist: Kara Nixon

  22. Brandyn // Next LA

    2015-04-15 04:10:00 UTC
    One of my absolute favorite people to work with… Brandyn of Next LA. We met up in Downtown LA for a quick test shoot and hangs. I’ll let the pictures speak for the great times we had. Enjoy and look out for our next series!

  23. John // Wilhelmina LA

    2015-04-14 02:29:00 UTC
    Hello friends Sorry I have been so MIA. For those of you who don’t know, I just moved. Not far. Same city actually, but it was definitely a time consuming project. I was still shooting a lot between packing boxes, going through clothes, making stops at Goodwill and OC Rescue…

  24. Chase Mattson + Family

    2015-03-26 03:47:00 UTC
    I had the pleasure of tagging along to a shoot with Kevin Roldan featuring Chase Mattson of Next Models LA. He brought the family along, so of course I had to snap a few images. Chase + Devin = Hazel, an absolute bundle of cuteness! Although this was just a…

  25. Noelle

    2015-03-16 04:26:00 UTC
    Model: Noelle Photographer: Kara Nixon Noelle is one of my fantastic clients. We met while I was in school at APU when we lived really close to each other. I was so glad to reconnect with her again a year later. This time, we set up a shoot mainly for…

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