The Blog: Real Raw Moments

  1. Omneity // Venice + Malibu Brand Shoot

    10 Aug 2020
    I worked with my friend Philip to produce some awesome images for his brand, Omneity. We started in Venice and made our way up to Malibu where we found some really rad spots to shoot! Enjoy!

  2. Damian // LA Models Test Shoot

    27 Jul 2020
    Gotta love when models are down to shoot in OC! Damian came down for the day and I showed him around Newport + CDM! We hit some of my favorite spots and he killed it on this shoot! Enjoyyy!

  3. 15 Minutes With: Conrad // New York

    22 Jul 2020
    The 15 Minute Series was honestly an accident. It started when I shot with Arthur Kulkov a few years ago. He only had 15 minutes to spare, which was all I needed. Arthur and I shot again this year, which re-sparked the idea of how much you can create with…

  4. Jake // Greenpoint Test Shoot

    13 Jul 2020
    Jake and I met up in Greenpoint for a quick shoot. We grabbed a coffee at Maman then wandered around Brooklyn. He brought some rad outfits and we found some cool spots to match! Enjoy!

  5. Conz // New York Soul Cycle Instructor

    08 Jul 2020
    CONZZZZ! Man you gotta love Conor - everyone who knows anything about Soul Cycle knows and loves Conor. He’s SO fun and I love working with him! He had posted on Instagram about needing a photographer and at the same time, I just so happened to DM him about shooting.…

  6. Janel // Pasadena Branding Photographer

    29 Jun 2020
    Janel traveled to California for some meetings and wanted to get some updated branding photos at the same time. We met at her hotel in Pasadena and shot around the area. I went to APU, so I spent a lot of time in Pasadena during college. I didn’t know the…

  7. Karen // Newport Pilates Photographer

    25 Jun 2020
    Karen is a Newport Beach pilates instructor who was in need of a quick little branding session. I met her at her studio and we shot both in studio as well as nearby locations. Thankfully she has some nice neighbors who let us use their spaces for photos, too! Enjoy! …

  8. Judith // Santa Ana Branding Session

    15 Jun 2020
    How cute is Jude?! She and I met up in Santa Ana for a shoot and had so much fun! We stopped at Hopper and Burr for a quick coffee then headed to the rooftop nearby and the the random streets/alleyways. Enjoy!

  9. Natalie // Beverly Hills Branding Photographer

    10 Jun 2020
    Oooh ooh Natalie and I met up back where it all started at the Beverly Wilshire on Rodeo Drive! We met at her hotel and shot around Beverly Hills to build up her solo shots. We usually get shots of her and Brandon, but now we are starting to focus…

  10. Matthew // Santa Monica Photographer

    04 Jun 2020
    Matthew flew into LA for a week and needed some shots for a client. We met up in Venice Beach for a quick shoot and had such a blast! We always shoot super quick, but he comes with rad ideas and inspiration. Enjoy!

  11. Girlfriends // LA Arts District Photographer

    28 May 2020
    Don’t you love days with your girlfriends? These 3 lovely ladies traveled together from Korea to LA and wanted to document a portion of their travels. We met up in the arts district and wandered around. They have such cool style, so I figured the arts district would make the…

  12. Seth Mattison // Beverly Hills

    21 May 2020

  13. Rrita // New York Headshot Photographer

    18 May 2020
    Rrita and I met up for a quick little headshot session in soho. We grabbed some tea and shot around the street. She’s so cute & made photos so easy! Enjoyyy!

  14. Evyi // West Village Brand Photographer

    14 May 2020
    Ewelina and I met up in New York yet again for a shoot with her brand Evyinit. We wandered around West Village as usual because of course all of the best spots are over there! Our beautiful model killed it even though it was a pretty warm day and none…

  15. Cooper + Jasmine // West Hollywood Blog Shoot

    11 May 2020
    Cooper and I have been working together for a while, so I was stoked when she reached out and wanted to book a shoot with her friend Jasmine! We shot in West Hollywood on Melrose & of course grabbed coffee at Cecconi’s like old times. Enjoy!

  16. Haley // Newport Beach Agency Test

    07 May 2020
    My sweet friend Haley and I met in Newport Beach for another update to her portfolio. We met a few years ago when her agency introduced us. I love working and hanging out with her. We went for poke after, too - a tradition we will definitely keep in the…

  17. Chelsea // Costa Mesa Branding Photographer

    04 May 2020
    Chelsea and I met up at the OC Mix for some juice and a rad shoot! We chatted about life, which made for some sweet and natural photos. Chelsea is so sweet and I really enjoy working with her, which you’ll hopefully be able to tell from these photos! Enjoy! …

  18. Bradley // Fullerton Headshot Photographer

    30 Apr 2020
    I hung out with my friend Brad and we did a little headshot swap! We grabbed coffee and poke then wandered around downtown Fullerton. Quality time is my love language, so I really loved hanging with this dude on a day off for once since we’re usually working weddings together.…

  19. Jake // Newport Beach Senior Photographer

    27 Apr 2020
    I was so excited when Jake’s mom contacted me about senior photos! He’s a basketball player, so this spot in Newport instantly came to mind. He forgot to bring a basketball, but thankfully a guy on the beach was willing to let us borrow his for a few shots! Enjoy! …

  20. Taylor // Laguna Beach Fashion Photographer

    23 Apr 2020
    Taylor came down to Laguna from Venice Beach for the weekend and of course we made a shoot happen! We met up where she was staying, looked through outfits then walked down to the beach. We basically had the beach to ourselves to get creative. Enjoyyyy!

  21. Brian // New York Men’s Fashion Photographer

    19 Apr 2020
    Brian and I always find new spots in soho and of course we hit up his old hotel for those indoor shots. We crack up the entire time and shoot super quick because we’ve gotten so used to working together. Enjoy some more rad shots!!

  22. Bethany // New York Blog Photographer

    16 Apr 2020
    Bethany and I met up during NYFW for a quick street style shoot. She was headed to a few shows, so she only had a few minutes to shoot, but we managed to knock out some awesome shots. Enjoy!

  23. Rachelle // Costa Mesa Photographer

    12 Apr 2020
    Ahhhh this girl! I love Rachelle & I’m so glad we reconnected. We shot WAY BACK WHEN, so I was stoked when she reached out for photos. I’ve been following along her beauty career as well as watched as she got married & now she’s pregnant with her first. Glad…

  24. Jana // Malibu Fitness Photographer

    12 Apr 2020
    Jana does a photo shoot every year to celebrate another year being cancer free! Her son reached out to me after our mutual friend recommended me and he was ready to lock it in as soon as we got off the phone. He connected me with his mom and we…

  25. Jocelyn // Laguna Beach Blog Photographer

    12 Apr 2020
    My gal, Jocelyn and I haven’t done a shoot together in so dang long! BUT we met up in Laguna for another shoot, which brought me back to the second time we shot together. I forgot how much I love shooting with her. We shoot quick and always nail the…

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