The Blog: Real Raw Moments

  1. Brian // New York Men’s Fashion Photographer

    19 Apr 2020
    Brian and I always find new spots in soho and of course we hit up his old hotel for those indoor shots. We crack up the entire time and shoot super quick because we’ve gotten so used to working together. Enjoy some more rad shots!!

  2. Bethany // New York Blog Photographer

    16 Apr 2020
    Bethany and I met up during NYFW for a quick street style shoot. She was headed to a few shows, so she only had a few minutes to shoot, but we managed to knock out some awesome shots. Enjoy!

  3. Rachelle // Costa Mesa Photographer

    12 Apr 2020
    Ahhhh this girl! I love Rachelle & I’m so glad we reconnected. We shot WAY BACK WHEN, so I was stoked when she reached out for photos. I’ve been following along her beauty career as well as watched as she got married & now she’s pregnant with her first. Glad…

  4. Jana // Malibu Fitness Photographer

    12 Apr 2020
    Jana does a photo shoot every year to celebrate another year being cancer free! Her son reached out to me after our mutual friend recommended me and he was ready to lock it in as soon as we got off the phone. He connected me with his mom and we…

  5. Jocelyn // Laguna Beach Blog Photographer

    12 Apr 2020
    My gal, Jocelyn and I haven’t done a shoot together in so dang long! BUT we met up in Laguna for another shoot, which brought me back to the second time we shot together. I forgot how much I love shooting with her. We shoot quick and always nail the…

  6. Joe // LA Models

    12 Apr 2020
    Joe is one rad dude and he was cool enough to drive down to Newport Beach for a shoot with me! We wandered around the Peninsula and got some shots for his portfolio. We still have to plan another shoot with his girlfriend. Enjoy!

  7. Laguna Beach Brand Photographer

    27 Mar 2020
    My friend Jessi started her own brand and asked me to photograph it in Laguna! Enjoy!

  8. Shane // LA Photographer

    19 Mar 2020

  9. Sylvie // Paris Branding Photographer

    16 Mar 2020

  10. Men’s Fashion Blogger // Soho, New York

    12 Mar 2020
    Another day with John - we caught up on life, drank some coffee and of course took some sweet shots! It was a last minute thing, but it turned out so fun! Enjoy.

  11. Evyinit // New York Brand Photographer

    05 Mar 2020
    Ewelina and I always manage to be in the same city at least once per year, which calls for a shoot with her brand, Evyinit. How cool are these sweaters & beanies?! Well actually.. they keep you super warm when it’s cold out! We’ve shot in New York together 3…

  12. Hampton // New York Portraits

    27 Feb 2020
    My friend Conor referred Hampton and a few weeks later, we had a shoot scheduled. I met at her apartment, which is in prime Soho. We were able to walk to some of my favorite shoot locations and we shot in her apartment as well as on her rooftop. Enjoy! …

  13. Marcus // Bella New York

    20 Feb 2020
    It was a dang cold day and I rented a Fuji xt2 in an attempt to see if I wanted to switch or just add it to my bag. I quickly realized I’m a Canon girl for life. Thankfully I brought both the xt2 and mark iv to this shoot…

  14. Paul // New York, NY

    13 Feb 2020
    It’s always a good day when I get to shoot with Paul! We spent most of the day walking around and chatting about life, but we managed to get a few shots in before coffee. I had to head to the airport pretty soon after, but I was so thankful…

  15. Maurice // Mavrick Los Angeles

    07 Feb 2020
    Maurice drove down to Santa Ana for this fun portfolio update! We grabbed coffee from Hopper and Burr then wandered around downtown Santa Ana. OC has some good shoots spots if you’re on the search. Enjoy!

  16. Kindra // Central Park Branding Session

    06 Feb 2020
    Oooh ooh winter branding shoot with Kindra & of course we went to Central Park and surrounding areas! We were bundled up and so cold, but we had so much fun! We made the most of it even in the cold! 

  17. Schutz // Beverly Hills Product Photographer

    30 Jan 2020
    Thanks to my friend Kenny, I had the opportunity to shoot for Schutz! They need photos of their Beverly Hills store including product and establishing shots. I met the lovely Lauren there and she let me do my thing then we walked outside to get some shots from across the…

  18. James // LA Models

    23 Jan 2020
    Oh what’s up Mr Price is Right! If you know, you know. Going to be honest, I didn’t know until I met James and he told me was pretty well known for being on the Price is Right. I received plenty of DMs post shoot as well - “is that…

  19. Jocelyn + Lauren // San Clemente Blog Photographer

    16 Jan 2020
    I love working with Jocelyn, so I knew I’d love to shoot with her friend Lauren, too. Lauren and her sweet family were in town visiting and met us in San Clemente for this shoot. We took a few shots of them together then the girls separated to do their…

  20. Kristen // Los Angeles Branding Session

    08 Jan 2020
    Another branding session!! This time with one of my favorite people, Kristen! She is absolutely gorgeous and so kind! We first started working together when she wanted to book me for a shoot with her husband, Seth. She loved the photos so much, she wanted to book me for her…

  21. Ben // Santa Monica, CA

    02 Jan 2020
    I was up in LA for a quick shoot with Schutz and had planned to potentially meet up with Ben. My friend Christopher Brown joined us for a quick shoot around Santa Monica. It’s always a good time messing around and creating with Ben. Enjoy!

  22. Sera // Melrose Place Branding Session

    27 Dec 2019
    Sera was in need of an updated headshot, but that’s too stuffy, so we did a little rebrand. She was on a budget, so we did what we could to make a mini rebrand happen for her & give her plenty of content to post on social media for the…

  23. Corey // Newport Beach Portrait Photographer

    03 Dec 2019
    Corey drove down to OC from LA - I know, I know I make it sound like it’s a million miles away. You make that drive weekly and tell me it doesn’t get tiring. Anyway! We met up at Hopper and Burr for a coffee, shot around Santa Ana then…

  24. Mike // Orange County Brand Photographer

    21 Nov 2019
    Mike and I met up to catch up for a bit. I also took some headshots of him. Photographers need photos, too ;) OC Mix really makes a great backdrop - so many spots to shoot if you do a quick walkaround. Enjoy!

  25. Kaye Li // New York Test

    21 Nov 2019
    I did a sweet little test shoot with Kaye Li while I was in Brooklyn. When I say little, I mean little - 15 minutes! It’s wild how much you can get in 15-20 minutes. Enjoy!!

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