The Blog: Real Raw Moments

  1. Anna

    2016-07-15 04:02:16 UTC
    I had the pleasure of working with Anna again while I was in New York! We wandered around Midtown a bit and got some great photos! 

  2. Surf & Sand Laguna Yoga Retreat

    2016-07-12 21:37:36 UTC
    What a pleasure to photograph this awesome yoga retreat at Surf and Sand in Laguna Beach. My friend Blake’s boss was looking for a photographer to cover the event last minute, so Blake threw my name in the hat. I was beyond stoked to work with his boss and the…

  3. Kristian // Boston Blogger

    2016-07-08 23:10:53 UTC
    Kristian and I first met in New York last summer, so I was beyond stoked to reconnect with him while I was in Boston. We shot some stuff for his blog. Enjoy! 

  4. All American

    2016-07-05 02:48:24 UTC
    Model: Christina of Wunder Management Photographer: Kara NixonStyling: combined efforts of both Christina & Kara

  5. Orri // Two Management

    2016-06-29 04:45:35 UTC
    It was a blast exploring Glendale with Orri. He had me cracking up the entire time! I’ll let the photos do the talking. Enjoy! 

  6. Beach Bums // Vision LA

    2016-06-22 22:23:47 UTC
    Who wouldn’t be a beach bum when the weather is this nice? Jena and Kathleen joined me for a beach day. We had too much fun playing in the sand. Thanks to Nicole Lorraine for doing makeup! Enjoy the series. 

  7. David // Vision LA

    2016-06-21 03:28:11 UTC
    It’s always a blast hanging out with David Bywater. I was stoked to get to work with him in California while we were both in town. We swung by the new Vision LA office and then explored Culver City. Enjoy! 

  8. Downtown Wanderers

    2016-06-17 17:11:47 UTC
    A series I created with models Matt Booher + Charles Griffin II of MDM in Downtown LA. We spent the day wandering downtown LA, specifically the arts district. Enjoy!  

  9. Bill Tamlyn

    2016-06-15 18:43:13 UTC
    I loved working with Bill! We met up at Eric Rutherford’s house (thankful to this guy for recommending me to Bill) and then wandered around the neighborhoods and Melrose. Enjoy the series we created. 

  10. A Man’s World: Chris Dattola // LA Models

    2016-06-13 21:23:38 UTC
    I had the pleasure of working with an awesome team on this editorial featuring the handsome dad of 3 from Monrovia, Chris Dattola. His father in law was kind enough to let us his house to shoot. A majority of the shoot was styled by Publish Brand along with a…

  11. New York Blogger: Rachel Lynch

    2016-06-08 19:22:54 UTC
    She is all about self-expression, art, poetry, and passion. You won’t find a lot of commercialism in her work. She’d rather write you a story then sell you a garment. Staying true to self in an otherwise boring market, welcome to the world of I Hate Blonde.  It’s always a…

  12. Chicago Blogger: Adam Gonon

    2016-05-16 21:26:46 UTC
    I met up with men’s fashion blogger, Adam Gonon on my last day in Chicago. He put together some awesome looks and we wandered around Wicker Park. Enjoy the little series we created & make sure you follow his Instagram. 

  13. Yes My Love Kids

    2016-05-14 23:21:53 UTC
    Had a blast working with German company Yes My Love in New York. Talk about some cute kids!! We shot in West Village & had a blast!

  14. Boom // Soul Artist Management

    2016-05-05 16:25:36 UTC
    One of the first models I wanted to work with… BOOM! So many of my friends shot with him back in the day, so it was awesome to connect with him in NYC of all places! We wandered around Park Slope & grabbed some great images! 

  15. Maggie: New York Portraits

    2016-04-07 00:44:00 UTC
    Maggie is the absolute sweetest! I loved working with her! We first met up for coffee to chat about ideas and determine location. We wound up shooting at her apartment the following weekend & had an absolute blast. We shot for a few hours getting shots in her apartment, on…

  16. Haute Rogue

    2016-04-05 06:48:02 UTC
    The Haute Rogue gal is a warrior princess who is the boss of her own life, who pushes boundaries and enjoys a good challenge. She likes to dress up but she doesn’t care what other people make of it. She believes in herself, follows her instincts and listens to her

  17. NYC Bloggers

    2016-04-01 05:33:00 UTC
    Who doesn’t love a blogger or influencer? It’s like photography and really everything out there… It seems like everyone is a blogger and that’s awesome! I absolutely love working with new bloggers. Here is a compilation of some of the bloggers I work with in New York. They’re extremely fashionable…

  18. Lululemon

    2016-04-01 05:22:00 UTC
    Oh Katelyn… I absolutely love her! I also love that she’s given me opportunities to shoot for lululemon. Each time is a blast because I get to work with one of their trainers or athletes they work with.  Day 1 was with Marc Daigle, an instructor at both Flywheel and…

  19. Ethan: New York Senior Portraits

    2016-04-01 04:35:00 UTC
    Ethan and I met up in Soho to take some senior portraits. He didn’t want to do the typical senior portraits that everyone does, so branched out a bit. Ethan is also a photographer, so he came in with lots of ideas & I had a small moodboard together as…

  20. Lance // Bella New York

    2016-04-01 03:38:09 UTC
    I absolutely loved working with Lance of Bella New York. He is the sweetest thing! All of the looks he styled himself – the dude’s got style! We wandered around Central Park & had an absolute blast!

  21. Callie // Next New York

    2016-03-29 05:30:37 UTC
    OH MY WORD THIS GIRL! Had such a blast working with Callie of Next. She’s the sweetest little thing and came with SO MANY looks! We shot around Bedford/Driggs and got a ton of good shots. A guy even let her sit on his car for a shot. It was…

  22. Blogger: Kayla

    2016-03-15 00:24:00 UTC
    “I decided to create this blog to document my two passions in life; interior design and personal style. The Name “HAUSOFSTEEZE” is a reflection of them both. I hope you enjoy the blog and can become inspired by my projects.”  -Kayla McCullough I was beyond stoked to work with Kayla.…

  23. Adam // Ford Models

    2016-03-14 23:32:00 UTC
    Adam of Ford Models New York is AWESOME! I met him on my first trip to New York, so I was stoked to get to meet up with him again a year later. We shot in his apartment and had a blast. Enjoy!   

  24. Darius Garvin for Urban Outfitters

    2016-03-11 17:15:00 UTC
    I had the pleasure of photographing Darius Garvin for a feature on Urban Outfitter’s Blog!    It was a blast wandering around the city to some of his favorite places. Enjoy!!

  25. Anna // MSA Curve New York

    2016-03-10 04:56:00 UTC
    Ooooh dang girl! Anna killed it! Straight killed it. She is SO fierce! We had an amazing team on board for this, too! Styling by the lovely Robyn Roberts Rea Hair/Makeup by the incredible Marc Cornwall I’ll let the photos do the talking, but dang this girl is hot &…

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