Sean // IMG NY

Model: Sean ℅ IMG New York

Photographer: Kara Nixon

Styling: combined efforts of Kara and Sean 

I am beyond stoked to be back in New York. Almost a month in and I have a month to go unless plans change. I am excited to be working with IMG this time around. When I was in town last November, it was far too cold for anything out of studio, so I really wasn’t able to work with IMG since I didn’t have much access to a studio nor the funds at the time to afford a studio (#strugglingphotographer – don’t be afraid to admit it). 

And now it’s summer, so that means I can shoot outdoors as much as I’d like (humidity sucks I know, but you do what you gotta do), so that’s just what I did when I met up with Sean. I had no clue it was Bushwick Open Studios the day we scheduled our shoot in Bushwick. There were tourists everywhere! Plus artists, designers, food trucks, buyers, sellers, wild dancers and so much more. We found an empty street away from the crowds and got shooting. This was one of the quickest shoots I’ve ever done! It could have been because of the heat. It could have been that I wanted to meet back up with my friends. It could have been the fact that Sean and I talked about shooting for so long. It probably, DEFINITELY WAS the fact that Sean was just incredible when he was in front of the camera. Anyway, I’ll let the photos speak for themselves. Enjoy.

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