Mitchell // Next Miami

Model: Mitchell ℅ Next Miami/LA, Chadwick AU

Photographer + Stylist: Kara Nixon

A VERY VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my Aussie bum Mitchell. This is one of my best Aussie mates. I love him to death and I’m glad I can celebrate the day he was born. He cracks me up and I absolutely love hanging out with him. Can’t wait for him to be back in the US. For now, enjoy the series we created together in Miami this past February. Hopefully you get a taste of how awesome he is. And obviously he’s hot… We all know it.

Mitch, thanks for always making me laugh, keeping me up to date on the Aussie slang, being a total babe, and letting me photograph you at all times. You never cease to amaze me. Enjoy your birthday. Love you heaps.

A few iPhone photos to start it off…

And now for the full series featuring items from Zara, Ruckus and Levis.

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