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  1. 2015: That’s A Wrap!

    2015-12-28 07:54:00 UTC

    Long Beach, California (Mitchell Wick c/o Next LA) 2015 is quickly coming to an end! What a whirlwind of a journey. It feels just like yesterday I was writing my end of the year blog for 2014 and prepping for 2015. Here I am prepping for 2016! Can you believe…

  2. Mitchell // Next Miami

    2015-07-06 06:09:00 UTC

    Model: Mitchell ℅ Next Miami/LA, Chadwick AU Photographer + Stylist: Kara Nixon A VERY VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my Aussie bum Mitchell. This is one of my best Aussie mates. I love him to death and I’m glad I can celebrate the day he was born. He cracks me up…

  3. Miami Flashback {Willy Ladies}

    2015-06-08 02:50:31 UTC

  4. Miami Flashback {Elite Ladies}

    2015-06-06 17:23:27 UTC

    Models: Jessica, Sabrina + Mani ℅ Elite Miami Makeup: Madeline Rouge Photographer: Kara Nixon I had the pleasure of working with these gorgeous girls while I was in Miami. Mani showed up with a million and one outfit choices so we went to town shooting a variety of looks. We…

  5. Miami Flashback {Anna Carla}

    2015-06-04 23:16:23 UTC

    Model: Anna Carla ℅ Wilhelmina Miami Makeup: Nichelle Photographer: Kara Nixon I was really looking forward to shooting with Anna after I saw her portfolio. Then Becca Lane told me she had roomed with her and I needed to work with her, so I was even more stoked. THEN Anna…

  6. Gabe Witmer // CGM

    2015-05-30 17:09:00 UTC

    Model: Gabe ℅ CGM Photographer: Kara Nixon All right, all right, I said plenty about Gabe in my last post, so to keep it short and sweet… We created magic. I love this series we put together.

  7. Miami Flashback {Gabe + Taylor}

    2015-05-30 16:52:00 UTC

    Models: Gabe + Taylor ℅ CGM Makeup: Nichelle Photographer: Kara Nixon I was FINALLY able to shoot with THE GABE WITMER while I was in Miami. I had seen his photos everywhere since I basically started photography. Most of my friends had worked with him and I was dying to…

  8. Miami Flashback {Christopher + Taylor}

    2015-05-30 08:03:00 UTC

    Models: Christopher + Taylor ℅ CGM Makeup: Madeline Rouge Photographer: Kara Nixon I was able to shoot with these two while I was in Miami. They are both really awesome and I can’t wait to see Chris in New York in a few days. Enjoy the photos!

  9. Casey + Nate // Vision

    2015-01-31 19:25:00 UTC

    Models: Casey + Nate of Vision Los Angeles Stylist & Photographer: Kara Nixon This was the day I had four shoots in a row. I was happy to end the day off right with Casey and Nate. This was another set geared toward Miami, except instead of swim-couple type shots,…

  10. Gaby + Tommy // Two

    2015-01-31 18:53:00 UTC

    Models: Gaby & Tommy of Two Management Stylist & Photographer: Kara Nixon I was beyond stoked when Tommy was in my package from Two. Be sure to also check out the solo set of Tommy . I’ve seen his photos all over Pinterest and at Cotton On. He was one…

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