Alex // One.1

Model: Alex ℅ One.1 Management

Makeup: Sarah Lombardo

Photographer: Kara Nixon

I had the pleasure of working with Alex of One.1 and I was beyond excited. Early on, her agent let me know she was fairly busy and wouldn’t be as readily available as some of the other models. Sarah and I had planned a day to shoot, so I crossed my fingers and sent an email requesting Alex. Thankfully she was available and didn’t get booked on a last minute job, success!

I had a few specific images I wanted to get with her, but I could just tell by her portfolio that she was amazing. She showed up, we chatted and waited for our lovely makeup artist Sarah. It was cool to connect with her because she is also from California. Anyway, once makeup was done and we got her in front of the camera, magic happened! Enjoy!!

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