Exploring London with the boys

It’s wild running into friends across the world. I first learned about Kevin and Richy when I was in New York for men’s fashion week. There were so many cool people everywhere, but Kevin and Richy 100% stood out because they had classic, clean style, but were covered in tattoos. They looked SO COOL. I had to meet them or find them on Instagram and follow them because dang these guys were cool. We messaged a bit back and forth, but that was kind of it since they were from Germany + Austria. 

Fast forward a few months, I was in London for the second time because I really wanted to enjoy London as more of a local. They just happened to be in London as well, so of course we had to meet up. I met them in Oxford Circus where I was introduced to their friend Marvin, who quickly became one of my dearest friends. We wandered around London drinking coffee/juice and taking photos. It was a breath of fresh air to spend time with other creatives (who are way cooler than I am) and just create! Enjoy these awesome shots from wandering around London.

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