Must Go-To Coffeeshops in NYC

I absolutely love coffeeshops! New York is a goldmine for coffeeshops. Sure there’s a Starbucks on basically every corner, which is always convenient, but in New York there’s also a ton of coffeeshops that are just as convenient. 

There are shops like Gasoline Alley where you can run in for a quick coffee on the go while there are other spots like Ground Support where you can grab a chai latte + work in a community seating setting. 

When I lived in Soho, I couldn’t help but.go to Chobani every single morning! Although typically crowded, it’s a great spot to grab a coffee and breakfast plus you have a great view to people watch. I recommend the PB&J Chobani - it’s the best! Chobani is also now connected to La Colombe, which has great almond croissants, coffee, and tea. There are a few La Colombe locations in New York, but if you’re looking for a good spot to get work done, go to the NOHO location. They’re also very well known for their killer patterned mugs and saucers.

Happy Bones is another one of my favorite spots to go, but it is extremely small, so don’t expect to find a seat unless you’re there right when they open. The baristas are stylish, extremely friendly and all around rad. Their cute tables also make for great Instagram photos, so get there early! There’s a bench out front, which is perfect for a nice summer day, especially if you like to people watch.

The Elk is another cool spot, which is not only gorgeous from the outside, but also inside. The staff is friendly and welcoming + always happy to hear what you’re currently working on. Some of the tables there are “no laptop” tables, so make sure to get there early if you’re looking to get some work done on your laptop. Similar to Happy Bones, there’s a cute bench out front, which is perfect for people watching on a warm spring day.

Cafe La Cerra is too gorgeous inside! It’s the prettiest spot for any fashionable girl. It’s all white/cream decor with pops of black and white images makes for a great work setting, especially for bloggers who want the perfect flat lay. You can also order juice if you aren’t feeling a coffee.

Joe & The Juice is my newest go to spot. If you’re looking for good music, hilarious and friendly baristas, and an all around good environment, this is the spot! Make sure to get there for a night of auditions because it gets extra wild! In order to work at Joe and the Juice, you have to do some rad tricks, so audition night  is full of loud music, cheering crowds and lots of tricks. Whether you’re looking for a a juice boost or a good cup of coffee, this is the spot to be.

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