Creative Fill: Mason Trent

It is such a blast working with some of my best friends! Mason and I first met a couple of years ago, but it wasn’t until this past summer we became really good friends. I love days with Mason and always look forward to spending time with him. The first time we hung out, I remember putting about an hour on my meter then having to go back 2 more times to add more time because we were having such a good time. 

Now I know to always put at least 2 hours on my meter when I hang out with Mason! We start off getting an iced coffee with almond milk and an iced chai from Bear Coast Coffee followed by a walk on the pier where Mason drinks half of my chai. After getting our Instagram story posts up and watch all the surfers, we realize we are hungry and of course have to go grab food. Then we wind up wandering around and taking pictures because why not? Here’s to more days with Mason Trent. 

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