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  1. Solo New York // Triumph Collection

    2023-04-06 16:00:00 UTC

    I’m finally sharing one of my favorite shoots for Solo New York. This is their first all female collection by females. I’m obsessed. We couldn’t make this shoot happen in New York, but we were able to shoot in downtown Los Angeles. We wanted a city, woman on the go…

  2. NY&Co // Southern California Brand Photographer

    2021-02-01 17:00:00 UTC

    I had so much fun working with NY&Co on this shoot. If you know me well, you know I spend a lot of time in New York, so it was nice to bring a piece of New York to CA. I worked with a few of my friends on this…

  3. Solo New York: Downtown Travel Collection

    2021-01-18 17:00:00 UTC

    I absolutely loved this shoot with Solo! I got to work with my friend Brandyn who I hadn’t seen in years. We also got to work with Shane and Julia who were amazingly rad and killed it on this shoot. We shot in Pasadena and downtown LA. Enjoy!

  4. Eric Rutherford for Lab Series

    2020-12-13 17:00:00 UTC

    Eric Rutherford: Christmas Edition! As you probably know, I love working with Eric. We worked together for the first time nearly 6 years ago and I’ve had the pleasure of working with him ever since. I felt so honored when he asked me to shoot this series for the Lab…

  5. Solo New York: Varsity Collection

    2020-10-12 16:00:00 UTC

    I always have such a good time shooting for Solo. This collection was especially fun because it has such a sporty vibe to it. We shot this collection all over New York from Central Park to West Village to Chelsea. Enjoy!

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