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  1. Corey + Sami // Corona Del Mar Photographer

    2022-03-02 17:00:00 UTC

    Corey and Sami are THE BEST!! If you know them, you already know this. They are so fun to be around. They are full of life, laughter, and truly genuine people. I’ve photographed Corey over the years, but this was my first time working with Sami. We had way too…

  2. NY&Co // Southern California Brand Photographer

    2021-02-01 17:00:00 UTC

    I had so much fun working with NY&Co on this shoot. If you know me well, you know I spend a lot of time in New York, so it was nice to bring a piece of New York to CA. I worked with a few of my friends on this…

  3. Rose // Downtown LA Blog Photographer

    2020-11-14 17:00:00 UTC

  4. Lynn Mooney // Los Angeles Branding Photographer

    2020-11-09 17:00:00 UTC

    Lynn and I met from a mutual friend. She was in need of updated branding photos and wanted something fun, colorful with a spot to work/get some shots on a laptop. Abbot Kinney and the Venice canals made sense because there’s such a variety of options with a few coffee…

  5. Omneity // Venice + Malibu Brand Shoot

    2020-08-10 16:00:00 UTC

    I worked with my friend Philip to produce some awesome images for his brand, Omneity. We started in Venice and made our way up to Malibu where we found some really rad spots to shoot! Enjoy!

  6. Janel // Pasadena Branding Photographer

    2020-06-29 16:00:00 UTC

    Janel traveled to California for some meetings and wanted to get some updated branding photos at the same time. We met at her hotel in Pasadena and shot around the area. I went to APU, so I spent a lot of time in Pasadena during college. I didn’t know the…

  7. Natalie // Beverly Hills Branding Photographer

    2020-06-10 16:00:00 UTC

    Oooh ooh Natalie and I met up back where it all started at the Beverly Wilshire on Rodeo Drive! We met at her hotel and shot around Beverly Hills to build up her solo shots. We usually get shots of her and Brandon, but now we are starting to focus…

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