2018 - That’s A Wrap!


2018 was quite a year!! It included lots of travels back and forth between NY and CA (which isn’t stopping in 2019), new friendships, lots of coffee and editing dates, long drives to and from LA, never ending amounts of podcasts and singing my lungs out while in traffic, and so much joy because I get to do what I love. I realized I didn’t do an end of the year blog post for 2017, so I don’t really have something to reference as I write this, but I do know I accomplished more this year than I could have expected. Keep reading below for more specifics!

As a photographer or really any business owner, it’s a never ending hustle. It’s a hustle to find clients, prove yourself to clients, and continually provide quality work to those clients. I’m extremely thankful to have had the opportunity to continue to work with Solo New York, Treehutco, and Baxter of CA while also gaining new clients such as Schutz, Alma De Ace, and Omneity.

As much as I love having regular clients, I also love being able to create for myself and for the sake of creating. Doing this full time is AMAZING and while people often hire me for my expertise, they often come with an idea in mind, so it calls for less creativity on my end. One of my goals for 2019 is to spend more time being creative, so I don’t get so burnt out. 

Travels and workshops for 2019 are a MUST! I went to Hustle and Flow and WRKSHP, which were both so fun and such a kick in the booty! I’m pumped to head to the H+F Alumni 2 day workshop in January! I’m heading back to Israel in May (10.5 years later)! I’m also headed to Peru and Wisconsin. I’d love to visit Portland and Austin for the first time as well as head back to Nashville.

Travel plans for 2019 so far:

NY: January 21-25

NY: February 3-7

Israel: May

Peru: early June

The people I get to meet and the relationships I’ve built are still my favorite parts of the job. I love getting to hang out with new people and learn about them as well as hang out with old clients and just catch up while we shoot. Those who have shot with me will tell you I’m the photographer who talks the entire time! I ask so many questions. I don’t do a ton of directing, but rather interact and talk so I get real emotions and reactions. Candids happen naturally when you’re comfortable. This year I learned this method doesn’t work well for some clients, which was honestly a surprise because I’ve never worked differently other than when it comes to weddings. In 2019, I need to work on other methods to bring out those candid moments.

I feel so blessed to have attended New York fashion weeks and even attend the Hugo Boss show as well as shoot a couple of influencers in Hugo Boss. I’ve worked with SO many bloggers/influencers in OC, LA and NY! It makes my life so easy to be able to travel and know I have clients in each city and the fact that I have regular clients is MIND BLOWING! I’m in my third year as a full time photographer and I’m still stunned when someone reaches out to shoot. Thank you to all of my clients this past year! I wouldn’t be able to do this without you!

2018 Goals + Resolutions

  • Continue to capture raw, real moments
  • Keep drinking coffee + pouring into others
  • Community over competition
  • Love more
  • Live in the moment and to the fullest
  • Be spontaneous
  • Travel to new places
  • Love Jesus, love others
  • Make more memories
  • Quit procrastinating
  • Continue building my client list

What are your goals for 2019?

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