2014! & That’s a Wrap

2014 came and went so fast. Last year, I could wait for 2014 to come because it meant I only had one semester left of college. Fast-forward a year, I am almost wishing I could go back and experience it all again. 2014 was truly a successful year for me – not only as Kara Nixon Photography, but also me as a person. I have grown as a photographer, as a communicator, as a person, as a Christ Follower, and as a creative. If you had asked me a year ago if I thought I would accomplish as much as I have in one year… I would have probably told you no or said I sure hope so, but with a sense of doubt in the back of my mind.

In 2014,
I started off the year by shooting Sky Dog Jewelry’s Spring lookbook. I photographed Fun Fitness Apparel’s product shots and lookbook shots. I finished my final semester of college & graduated from Azusa Pacific University with a bachelor’s in communications - media studies. A week later, I flew to Denver, Colorado and shot Ruckus’ summer lookbook along with shooting a variety of models from Wilhelmina Denver, giving me another family. A month later, I shot Of One Sea’s summer lookbook. I shot Warped Tour for the 5th year in a row and worked specifically with A Skylit Drive & Anberlin. Two months later, I flew to Orlando, Florida to celebrate my parents’ 30th anniversary by spending a week at Disney World. Around the same time, I started training to cook at In-N-Out. Another two months later, I shot LETGOdwork’s Fall Shoot-Out. A month or so later, I met with Agape Attire to discuss interning with them (starting in 2015). A week later, I flew to New York City with one of my best friend’s Kevin Roldan and we worked with some of the best models & agencies, drank good coffee, ate amazing food, explored, made many friends and officially became bi-coastal photographers. I even was able to meet up with Anberlin and shoot them one last time in New York. A month later, here I am, getting ready to end a year and start a new one. Throughout 2014, I shot 7 weddings, over 140 models for 20 modeling agencies, 7 lookbooks for 6 different companies, worked with 7 stylists, 6 makeup artists, 3 hairstylists and made countless friends and memories that will last a lifetime. This year has been nothing short of a blessing. I want to thank everyone who has not only hired me to shoot, but also sent up a prayer, sent a text or note, said some encouraging words, liked a photo, referred someone to me, followed my Facebook page and/or Instagram, or just continually supported me in photography.
As for 2015…
Goals & Resolutions
-Launch Kara Nixon Weddings
-Shoot 15 weddings
-Expand my team of hair/makeup/wardrobe
-Miami Trip
-New York Trip
-Teach more mentor sessions
-Put together a gallery show
-Work with new companies to produce new lookbooks & product shots
-Shoot more editorials
-Assist on large campaign
-Shoot more film
-Video footage for every shoot

I’m sure there are many more goals and resolutions, but off the top of my head, those are the things that come to mind regarding photography.

On the personal side…
-More Jesus time
-More love
-More coffee dates
-More pouring into others
-More doing life with others
-More laughter
-More gym time
-More art
-More exploration
-More adventure
-More spontaneity
-More memories

Thank you for creating with me in 2014. I look forward to creating with you in 2015.

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