Blogger: Chelsea D March

“Instagram has done a lot for many people. It has created a space for companies, brands and creatives to let users and consumers into their world. I am really appreciative of the social community because I am have been able to meet so many creatives and create relationships.” - Chelsea March

Well you guessed it… Chelsea and I first met on Instagram a month or so before I hit the big apple. It took us a bit to touch base and schedule a time to shoot, but once we did, it was wonderful! Well… it was wonderful once we found each other! Chelsea had told me to meet her at Kaffee 1668 on Greenwich. Little did I realize there are two Kaffee 1668’s on Greenwich, so we at the front of Kaffee 1668 with coffee in hand texting one another saying we were at the front and didn’t see each other… That was until we realized we were both at different stores. Once we met up, we laughed and went straight to exploring and shooting. What a blast! Enjoy the series and make sure to check out her own post. Also look out for our next post featuring her dear friend Darius.

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