Caroline // Dragonfly Agency Dallas

It has been a while since I worked with such a young new face. I work with new faces all the time at Bella, but most of them are actors and still have some sort of experience in front of a camera. Caroline was very fresh - first shoot ever! Her dad dropped her off and we went straight to it! I turned on some tunes, went through her wardrobe and then we just started with some basic white wall stuff to get her a bit warmed up. 

The first 5-10 minutes can be awkward on any shoot in all honesty. We are meeting for the first time and you’re expected to flip a switch and “turn on” as soon as the camera is on you, which is why when I shoot I talk to whoever I’m shooting. I ask a ton of questions about how they got signed, what their dream job is, what they do in their free time, et etc. For Caroline, my questions were a bit different because I also asked her about what she thought the first shoot would be like, how’s high school, has she looked at colleges, etc. I’ve found the best way to make someone feel comfortable is to get to know them. No one wants to sit in front of your camera and not hear anything because it makes them second guess themselves and wonder if you even like what they’re doing. Even if you’re not one to ask a ton of questions, give feedback while shooting, but always make sure it’s positive in some way - constructive criticism always! Caroline was so so sweet and killed her first shoot!

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