Creative Circle

Having a circle of people is key for survival in any industry, but it’s especially important in the creative industry. I wouldn’t be where I am today if I didn’t have a creative circle who taught me, challenged me, and had my back along the way.  

My creative circle started as a group of photographers from all around the world who I met on Facebook and today I’ve been blessed to meet some of them while I’ve been traveling or while they’ve been traveling. Facebook groups are a great place to start because you can learn a lot from other creatives about your actual niche and running a business. People are happy to give you constructive criticism, share tips and tricks, and even sit down and answer any questions you have.

As social media progressed, so did my creative circle. It moved away from Facebook groups (although I do still participate in many groups when I can) and I started connecting more with people on Instagram. A majority of the people I follow are for inspiration or because I genuinely like their content. The best way to continue the relationship is to reach out to meet up for coffee or tea when in the same location. I’ve met some of my best friends off social media, but I’ve also made so many friends through work.

Although social media is currently such a big deal, maintaining real life relationships is an even bigger deal. I’ve met a majority of the people I know through work (i.e. Jason and I met on a test shoot; Tessa and I met because she was looking for a photographer for her blog) or simply because I reached out via Instagram and asked to get coffee. It’s great to have followers, but what’s the point if they don’t know the in real life you? I challenge each of you to really focus on real life relationships and taking your social media relationships to the next level. Grab coffee with someone who inspires you.

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