David // DNA

Model: David ℅ DNA Models New York

Photographer: Kara Nixon

(Shot in Soho New York)

I had the pleasure of working with some new agencies while in New York and DNA was one of them. My good friend Mike over at Vision constantly sends updates of who is in town, even though he knows I’m not always in town. So when he sent over a few emails I asked if he had any guys in NY and of course David was one of them. I was really looking forward to working with David, but man sometimes you just have no idea how quickly you are going to relate to someone and become friends. This was the fastest I’ve ever started a friendship with a model. David and I are both from California so it was an instant connection and next thing you know we are just chatting about anything and everything and hardly shooting. It was so awesome to work with David and we did manage to get some great photos even though we were messing around most of the day. After the shoot, I took him to the Butcher’s Daughter, a New York classic must do! If you missed out on Snapchat, make sure to follow both of us: @kbdawg and @bywater725. Enjoy the photos!

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