“Hang Out” for Fantastics Mag

Models: Austin + Preston ℅ Wilhelmina Los Angeles

Styling: Ryan Mark of Ezekiel Clothing

Photographer: Kara Nixon

I had the pleasure of teaming up with three awesome dudes on a shoot for Fantastics Mag. Ryan and I first met via Tinder (not joking) and I knew I wanted to know him since he was in charge of marketing for Ezekiel. I had followed Ezekiel since before Bryant was shooting for them. Well, Ryan and I met up and he offered clothes anytime for a shoot, so eventually I decided it was time to make that happen. An idea randomly came to me… Just a few shots in my head and I sent similar images over to Ryan saying that was all I had in mind, but thankfully he was down. I pitched the idea to Christian at Wilhelmina and he sent over Austin and Preston. I was beyond stoked because Austin and I had just shot about three days prior AND it was Austin’s first shoot ever! It was SO COOL to be the one to photograph Austin for his first two test shoots. I was really excited when Christian said Preston could do it because I had seen photos Preston for quite sometime on Instagram. We had even matched on Tinder way back when he first signed with Wilhelmina (yep always matching cool people on Tinder… NETWORK PEOPLE). 

So there I was with two guys I met off Tinder and a brand new male model… We had a full day, a cool location, limited ideas with so much potential and we just went for it. It turned out AWESOME. The boys killed it and Austin learned his first lesson of modeling… Always wear underwear. But really people… You change EVERYWHERE. It was a blast and I hope you can tell from the images we captured. Enjoy!

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