Kendall // Wilhelmina

Model: Kendall of Wilhelmina
Makeup: Magali Perets
Photographer & Styling: Kara Nixon

Kendall and I have been trying to schedule a shoot together for about a year or so now. We would plan a day and then something would come up or we would just miss each other in LA or OC. Eventually she switched from No Ties to Wilhelmina and gave me her agent’s contact info. After an unsuccessful attempt at setting up a shoot via her agent, Kendall reached out to me again. I was in New York and she said she needed new lifestyle shots, so I was ready to put it on my schedule as soon as I got back in town. The following week, we met at Magali’s apartment and messed around in random spots, with different lighting. I can’t wait to work with her again. Enjoy this set of photos.

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