Lucas // Wilhelmina LA

Model: Lucas of Wilhelmina Los Angeles
Photographer: Kara Nixon

It was truly a pleasure just hanging out with Lucas! He’s a fantastic person and put up with me being a total gimp. In case you didn’t hear… On my shoot with Charlotte , I stepped on a thorn and got a skin infection on the bottom of my foot. Well, I fell and scuffed up my knees while shooting with Lucas, thanks to walking like an idiot. Thankfully it is all better as I am heading to Miami tonight!Anyway, back to Lucas being completely awesome. We roamed around Abbott Kinney, ate food from Lemonade, drank coffee and took a lot of sweet photos. It was a breath of fresh air working with Lucas because it wasn’t just about what I wanted to shoot or “you’re the photographer,” but more about us creating together, which I love.

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