Online Dating Profile Update?

More and more clients are coming t0 me because they are in need of photos for their online dating profile and I’m 100% for it. Let’s be real for a second… We are all on Tinder or Bumble… Or at least have been at some point.

Online dating is continually growing. There are constant ads for and E-Harmony that it’s almost inevitable we will join at least some online dating at some point in our lives.

Like I mentioned above, I’m 100% for it! I’ve met and worked with such beautiful people who are just looking to get back in the dating game. Dating is HARD guys! And I don’t mean the literal men guys version, I mean everyone guys.

Where are you supposed to meet the potential love of your life? Does it happen on the street like in the movies? Does it happen at a bar (this is tough *cough* hookup)? Do you talk to the cute guy on the street who has headphones in? What about the guy behind you in line for coffee? How do you really go about meeting people and dating in real life? It’s HARD!

Now I’m not saying with online dating you’re going to meet your soulmate, but I’m also not saying it isn’t a possibility. This past year, I was witness to at least 2 weddings of couples who met on Tinder! CRAZY, right? So if online dating is your way of getting out there, DO IT! And I’m so happy to be a part of it by photographing you.

But if you get nothing other than this… CELEBRATE YOU. Whether the photos are actually used for online dating or not


SO here is the beautiful Marni photographed in Upper Westside, NY. She got all dolled up & we shot in her friends’ apartment and near Times Square. It was a BLAST watching her light up and feel so special since every eye was on her. She was a star & is truly so special. I’m so blessed to have been part of this. Best of luck to you Marni! Can’t wait for what is next.

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