Sonny + Rubie

AH THESE TWO! They are too cute! I love working with Sonny Henty because he’s just so easy to work with and I honestly have a blast every time I’m with him. We usually shoot every year around November/December, but this past year we shot a bunch and hope to shoot even more in 2017. I knew I was going to be up in LA for the day, so I reached out to Sonny about doing a quick shoot with Rubie because she is SO SO cute! We shot around his apartment complex and in his apartment. I also met his wonderful lady who I’m literally obsessed with because she is the sweetest girl you’ll ever meet! I left with a box of cookies and a brand new water bottle thanks to her! 

Also congrats to Sonny + Drea for opening Bomane! Check it out if you’re in Hollywood!! It’s gorgeous, but really why am I even surprised? I knew it would look amazing based on both of their styles, but wow. I was speechless when I went in.

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