Sun, Skate & Sand

Introducing the lovely Becca of newMARK Models – She is fabulously wonderful. I honestly had a blast photographing her. I felt like John Schell the entire day – extreme surfer/skater babe lifestyle shoot. I hadn’t done a one-on-one (Noel doesn’t count because we are like one person) lifestyle session in a long time. The creative juices were flowing and we were vibing really well off each other! I don’t think I’ve ever vibed so creatively off of someone before. The moment I saw her, I was beyond inspired to do a million and one things. We busted out about 6-7 looks in not even a full two hours. We were both just having so much fun laughing, taking photos, and making the most of our day at the beach. I was 100% impressed by this girl because she just recently was signed to newMARK, but before that she was going out and doing modeling jobs on her own via ModelMayhem, word of mouth, and anywhere else she could. Becca, you were such a pleasure to work with. I can’t thank you enough. Everyone who is reading this, I really hope you enjoy the photos we created together.

Model: Becca of newMARK
Hair & Makeup: Noel Carlsen
Wardrobe: combined effort of Becca & myself
Photographer: Kara Nixon

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