Travel Itch!!

I’ve got that travel itch again! I absolutely loved living in New York, but I’m a true California girl – meaning I don’t do cold. BUT that’s not without having lived in a place where you get all of the seasons: Massachusetts. I would get so excited for snow, but then spend only about 10 minutes in it. I’m just not a cold weather person. I can handle fall, but that’s about it.

Now to my actual point… Being back in California is awesome! I thought I would only be in town for about 3 months before I was off to Miami, but as I started meeting new clients and getting booked more and more, it became harder to leave. I mean why would I leave while I have consistent work?

Even with consistent work, I have such an itch to travel! I started off the year by looking at flight costs to Nashville, Dallas, Miami, Chicago, and Portland just to name a few. The other day, my dad asked if I would ever shoot in Australia – DUH! I was asked to shoot family portraits in Orlando and of course I jumped at the opportunity, even though it will only cover travel costs (read more about this in my post To Travel or To Make Money). 

On the other hand, I recently was asked if I was interested in being an in house photographer and right away I knew my answer was no. I asked a few questions to learn more about the schedule and flexibility of travel to see if it could be an option. Unfortunately it wasn’t a viable option for me because travel means so much more to me.

What holds me back from not traveling? 

  • The consistent work where I am
  • Not knowing if I’ll be able to book out there
  • The cost of a flight for one week vs. the cost of a flight for a month
  • The cost of housing for one week vs. the cost of housing for a month

What makes me want to travel?

  • The inconsistency because it challenges me
  • Being able to find comfort in the uncomfortable 
  • Friends
  • New experiences
  • The photos I see from other photographers

So what do we do? Again, it’s about choosing what is more important to you: consistency 

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