Feel Beautiful in Your Own Skin

One of my absolute favorite things in life is watching my clients see themselves after they go through hair and makeup. Sometimes I get to watch them feel beautiful for the very first time. I LOVE being a part of something so wonderful.

Regardless of the amount of makeup on their face or the amount of straightening or curling done to their hair, the fact that the entire day is about them boosts their confidence immaculately and it reflects in the photos.

This year is all about celebrating YOU and feeling beautiful in YOUR OWN skin.

So here is my beautiful client Natalia looking drop dead gorgeous! The entire time she kept saying “Wow I look so beautiful!” Every time she looked in the mirror or each time I showed her a photo on the back of my camera, she would always say “I look so beautiful!” I LOVE THAT! Shout out to Jennifer Bishop for dolling this girl up. 

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