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  1. Anna // MSA Curve New York

    2016-03-10 04:56:00 UTC

    Ooooh dang girl! Anna killed it! Straight killed it. She is SO fierce! We had an amazing team on board for this, too! Styling by the lovely Robyn Roberts Rea Hair/Makeup by the incredible Marc Cornwall I’ll let the photos do the talking, but dang this girl is hot &…

  2. Feel Beautiful in Your Own Skin

    2016-01-05 06:59:00 UTC

    One of my absolute favorite things in life is watching my clients see themselves after they go through hair and makeup. Sometimes I get to watch them feel beautiful for the very first time. I LOVE being a part of something so wonderful. Regardless of the amount of makeup on…

  3. Hannah // Red

    2015-10-30 22:23:00 UTC

    Model: Hannah ℅ Red Makeup: Guerline Photographer: Kara Nixon I had the pleasure of working with Hannah while I was cat-sitting for my friends Kelley and Devin. They were cool enough to allow me to shoot in their apartment. As you can probably tell, I did a lot of shoots…

  4. Eva // IMG

    2015-07-22 20:20:00 UTC

    Photographed in Brooklyn, New York. Model: Eva ℅ IMG Photographer: Kara Nixon Okay, I’m kind of sort of really obsessed with Eva. First off, she is one of the kindest of souls. She is such a joy to be around. I just love her. We shot a bunch of amazing…

  5. Ash + Ty

    2015-06-14 02:12:00 UTC

    Models: Ashley + bf Tyler ℅ Elite Miami Makeup: Magali Rachel Photographer: Kara Nixon So I originally had the pleasure of working with Tyler when he was still signed with Two Management in California. THEN I came across his gorgeous girlfriend Ashley and had to shoot with her. SO we…

  6. Jackie

    2014-11-06 05:00:15 UTC

    Jackie and I have been trying to shoot for a little while, so of course I made time for her before I left for New York. She was such a joy to be around and I am so blessed to call her a friend. She’s also the greatest gal who…

  7. A Boudoir Moment

    2014-09-17 19:16:36 UTC

    Abbey and I shot a week ago and made sure to get in some boudoir type images. Enjoy.

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