Pink Make ‘Em Wink

Model: Diego Barrueco ℅ Two Management

Stylist: Brandon Win

Photographer: Kara Nixon

All right, all right ladies and gents… The moment you’ve been waiting for. THE BLOG POST of Diego Barrueco. If you haven’t seen why it took me so long to post this… Make sure you check out Caleo Magazine to see the full story. I’m also adding in a few unseen photos to this blog post. 

Now I’m sure you’ve seen all the snap chat videos, seen the Instagram photos, Diego this, Diego that, Diego everything. I mean obviously.. Diego always. #teamdiego

But this day was by far one of my favorite days. I’ve worked with a lot of models in my day as I’ve been shooting for agencies for two full years now, but man… I was stoked to work with Diego. I had been longing to work with him for a while, so I was excited when his agent set it up. I was even more excited when Diego showed up and not only was one of the kindest and coolest people I’ve met, but when he told me I was the first test shoot he had in California. He told me he is very selective when it comes to testing, which really meant a lot to me because I knew he liked my work. I had to make sure to give him THE BEST images yet because he chose to work with me. 

We spent the day wandering along Melrose, laughing, taking snap chat videos, Instagram photos, dancing, singing and just being total nerds. The line of the day was….

“You’re doing nothing yet you look so good!”

Because he literally does nothing yet looks gorgeous in every single photo. I can’t really explain how great of a day it was, but I can tell you I loved spending the day with Diego and I absolutely LOVE Diego. I hope you can tell by the photos how much fun we had and I really hope you enjoy them as much as I do! I know his agents did because I received emails from both of them as soon as they updated his book, which you should also check out HERE. Get ready for a LONG LONG blog post.

OH and before I forget…. Would anyone be interested in the Zara denim/leather jacket (men’s large) Diego is wearing? Can’t shoot it again now that Diego’s worn it, so it’s up for grabs to the highest bidder.

ENJOY!! I hope it was worth the wait! 



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